Student Employment Staff

Student Employment Team

Nora Lewis, MA
Assistant Director, Student Employment

While serving as the Student Employment manager at Stetson University since 2014, Nora has had the privilege of working with our dedicated and ambitious Stetson students. Her focus is to develop students' professional aptitude, on the job skills, and critical thinking for their time beyond Stetson. Nora supports students in all student employment pursuits while guiding a team of devoted student managers. She is passionate about making college a transformational experience where students can thrive. Nora is currently pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership.

Phone: 386-822-7172


Casey McLallen

Casey McLallen
Lead Student Manager

Casey McLallen became a part of the Student Employment team in Fall 2019 as the Compliance Manager. After a successful year in this role and a summer as the Communications Intern for the Office of Human Resources, she was promoted to the Lead Student Manager. In this role, Casey helps train, lead, and assist other team members as well as execute special projects for the Human Resources and Student Employment offices. This position has given her the opportunity to develop her leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills and to explore the different elements of Human Resources, in which she is interested in pursuing a career after she graduates with her Communications major and Management and Human Resources Management minors in May 2021.

Zoe Trumble

Zoë Trumble
Hiring Process Manager

Zoë Trumble joined the Student Employment team in Fall 2020. As the Hiring Process Manager, she utilizes her passion for organization and meticulousness to efficiently process student employee paperwork through federal and school databases to expedite the time between being hired and the first shift. She also manages the orientation process to ensure first-time student employees are aware of university expectations regarding employment policies, procedures and initiatives. This position has allowed Zoë to strengthen her communication skills along with her knowledge of Microsoft Office. Following graduation in May of 2024, Zoë intends to utilize her Education major and pursue a career as a High School Choir Teacher.

Patrick Simmonds

Patrick Simmonds
Professional Development Manager

Patrick Simmonds joined the Student Employment team in Fall 2020. As the Professional Development Manager, he utilizes his communication skills and understanding of the importance of professionalism to enlighten students on ways to learn and improve. Through his position, he intends to enhance his leadership abilities, interpersonal skills, and human resource management knowledge and experience. He is motivated through his ability to support students in reaching their goals and career aspirations. In Spring 2022, he plans to graduate with a degree in Human Resources Management and pursue a career in Talent Acquisition and Development. 

Sinai Ramos Planas

Sinai Ramos Planas
Compliance Manager

Sinai Ramos Planas joined the Student Employment team in Fall 2020. As the Compliance Manager, she uses her organizational and data management skills to ensure the completion of the Diversity and Inclusion training and Title IX training by all student employees on campus. She also helps manage and oversee the communications and system used for the mid-year and end-of-year evaluation process. This position has given Sinai the opportunity to develop collaborative skills and the flexibility needed to work in a team. After graduating with her degree in Psychology, she plans to continue in an M.S. and Ph.D. program in Psychology while working in Psychometrics.

Victoria Guadagnino

Victoria Guadagnino
Creative Outreach Manager

Victoria Guadagnino joined the Student Employment team in Fall 2020 as the Creative Outreach Manager. As manager of the Student Employment Instagram (@studentsatwork) account, she develops content centered on informing and engaging the Stetson community. Additionally, Victoria directs the Student Employee of the Month program for the University, working directly with supervisors to identify the best of the best student employees to celebrate! As a physics major, she hopes to develop the professional and creative skills necessary for successful mechanical engineers. After graduating in May 2022, Victoria plans to enroll in a top tier graduate program with a "far out" goal of working for NASA.