more than a job


Fast Facts

  • Last year, 98.1% of our students reported that they grew professionally from their position.
  • Last year, 99.5% of our student employees positively contributed to campus through their positions.
  • Last year, students worked more than 176,000 hours and earned over $1.7M total.
  • We currently have 1,096 students hired into positions.
  • We have 108 supervisors on campus who represent 93 departments.
  • We have seven dedicated students working in the student employment office.

Student Employee Testimonials

Jennifer Algieri, Senior, Math & Computer Science Department Office Assistant, DuPong-Ball Clerical Assistant, Hollis Center Lifeguard, Hatter Productions Creative Director

"My time working for Stetson has been perhaps the most rewarding part of my college career. Working in multiple departments in various roles has allowed me to gain powerful time management skills, deep versatility, and pride in a job well done. My confidence in my abilities has never been stronger and I will graduate this year ready for the future, prepared excessively for wherever my path leads me."

Jessica Teresa Algieri, Senior, Lifeguard, Library Tech Assistant, and Library Circulation Desk Clerk

"Through my jobs on campus, I have been able to not only get career experience but life experience. I was able to, within each job, find my strengths and learn more about what I want to do with my future. At the Hollis Center, lifeguarding gave me the ability to strengthen my teamwork skills through repeated scenario work. My work in the Tech lab at the DuPont Ball Library gave me skills in soldering, sewing, 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, and 3D Modeling as I worked to learn more about all the equipment we offer in the lab in order to be able to best help other students. My work at the front desk of the library as a Clerk has given me skills in organization, transcription, and research as I worked with students seeking help. Each of these varying skills has assisted me in my academic career, but also in becoming a more well-rounded candidate for future employment. They were each led by amazing employers who gave me the opportunity to flourish and grow in each position."