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2014-2019 Strategic Map

The information below represents actions taken to move through our Strategic Map on a dynamic journey of discovery—of building on our strengths, taking risks, moving quickly and shouting our story from the rooftops to emerge as a stronger university focused on the innovation to drive Stetson University from Success to Significance.

Since 2014, work on the map provided momentum to push the university forward to address our central challenge: Establish Stetson as a University of Choice for Innovative Approaches to Tackling Complex Challenges.

Each of our strategic initiatives set us on the path to accomplish this task and our record of that work is listed and linked below.

Initiative A is at the very top of the Strategic Map because it is directly tied to the university's national, regional and local reputation and the impact our reputation has on every area of the university, including prospects, students, alumni, faculty, staff, donors and benefactors.

  1. Strive for vision-driven distinctiveness
  2. Develop and communicate a compelling future value proposition
  3. Enhance Stetson's national reputation using strategic communication
  4. Recruit the best students for Stetson University
  5. Tackle community challenges in multi-stakeholder partnerships
  6. Continue to foster Stetson's core values

Learning is the very essence and core of what we do, and innovation is how Stetson University moves forward. Excellence and innovation in learning is intertwined with Stetson University's history. The institution has been never been afraid of being first, including when it was first opened in 1883 as one of the very few to offer co-ed education and opportunity for women.

  1. Foster collaboration and interdisciplinary learning experiences
  2. Build shared understanding of and commitment to academic rigor
  3. Emphasize learning in communities: residential, local, global, virtual
  4. Create a learning environment that attracts intellectually motivated students
  5. Advance inquiry, scholarship and creative activity
  6. Infuse technology into pedagogy to support high-impact learning

Pursuing education with purpose and engaging with colleagues, faculty and community are the hallmarks of the Stetson University experience, but our vision has always been for more. To be able to instill in all of our graduates those qualities of heart and mind to reach their full potential.

  1. Coach, advise and mentor in support of success and significance
  2. Exemplify experiential learning as core to Stetson
  3. Expand and deepen the development of the whole person
  4. Inspire and support a culture of lifelong learning
  5. Strengthen career readiness and graduate success 
  6. Improve outcomes through alumni engagement

Strategy without resources is simply wishful thinking. Stetson University is solidly linked to the social and political environment within which the strategic map is taking place. In order to move forward and make progress the university makes the best possible use of its assets and keeps a close eye on liabilities and commitments.

  1. Diversify revenue streams and maximize cost effectiveness
  2. Implement a best practice alumni engagement capability 
  3. Attract and retain the best employees for Stetson
  4. Use human resource planning to drive innovation
  5. Enhance faculty and staff development
  6. Optimize use of and return on real estate, infrastructure and capital assets

Moving forward in the context of the Strategic Map means keeping the university infrastructure up to date, integrating forecasting and modeling into decision making, understanding the risks the university faces, keeping the university community informed and sharing knowledge and staying current on technology.

  1. Streamline systems and processes
  2. Use real-time forecasting and modeling to drive decisions
  3. Make enterprise risk management ubiquitous
  4. Improve "One Stetson" communication and commitment
  5. Envision, build and adapt technology

Strategic Partnerships can lead to results that fuel innovation and positive change and provide mutual benefit to Stetson and its many partners in the community, corporations and higher education. We seek to open our doors to those committed to our values and mission.

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Diversity and inclusion are not aspirational goals. They are conditions of our day-to-day environment and as a community and institution, we continue to move towards these goals. We do this to meet our moral, educational and cultural duty, and because exposure to an inclusive environment is necessary to prepare students for the world they will encounter. The future is not far away and while we have made progress together, there is still much more to do.

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