Strategic Map 2011-2014

Clarify and Assert Stetson's Identity Values and Distinctiveness

  1. Define what it means to be a Hatter
  2. Establish and embody the consistent “One Stetson” message
  3. Increase awareness & understanding of Stetson's Core Values
  4. Articulate and promote distinctiveness internally and externally
  5. Make intercultural learning vital to the Stetson experience

Increase Targeted Enrollment and Retention of the Best Students for Stetson

  1. Clarify, target and recruit the “Best Students for Stetson”
  2. Provide curricular & co-curricular programs to attract/retain students
  3. Provide an education suitable for diverse 21st century learners
  4. Increase engagement of all constituents in recruiting/retention

Increase the Excellence of the Academic Program

  1. Identify principles and indicators or excellence and distinctiveness
  2. Assess significance & use results to improve academic excellence
  3. Focus, streamline and support academic programs
  4. Enhance faculty development, scholarship, & pedagogical innovation
  5. Foster interdisciplinary learning opportunities for faculty and students

Optimize the Total Lifelong Stetson Experience

  1. Develop/solidify culture of lifelong relationships with Stetson
  2. Increase campus vibrancy seven days a week
  3. Expand the student success program
  4. Create a database of student experiences: admission – alumni/ae
  5. Foster civic community engagement

Renew and Build Critical Systems and Infrastructure

  1. Complete/update the facilities master plans
  2. Achieve appropriate coordination of multi-campus processes
  3. Implement facilities/asset renewal
  4. Improve use of banner and web-based systems
  5. Leverage technology enhanced learning and communications

Be a Great Place to Work

  1. Effectively express the value faculty and staff
  2. Align total compensation with relative markets
  3. Improve internal and external communication (transparency)
  4. Clarify the roles of faculty and staff in governance
  5. Increase professional development & leadership opportunities

Increase Financial Health and Sustainability

Deepen the Way we Live Stetson's Core Values