Initiative E, Objective 5: Envision, Build and Adapt Technology

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Tech is Cool

July 14, 2017 - Three years ago Erica Kok was not planning to get involved in technology. She wanted to be an accountant, but all of that has changed. Kok attended a Google computer science summer program and the switch was flipped. Since enrolling at Stetson she has successfully completed internships at Facebook and Microsoft. Pretty good track record for someone entering her junior year. 

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Renew and Replace

The university Office of Information Technology has continued to provide infrastructure improvements the campus and residence halls, revamped security policies, improved access to MyStetson and put into planning for implementation of Banner 9, and provided Online Learning support for Blackboard. For Gulfport and Tampa the network has been upgraded at the Tampa Law Center, digital signage has expanded to more than three-dozen screens and Media Services has provided support for more than 70 events while supporting 65-70 campus AV events a week.

May 2017 Business and Finance Status Report

Developing Digital Technology

January 24, 2017 - When Stetson University graduate John Cossu and his team launch Sale Cents, a digital community marketing tool, they're not just taking a step forward for their own futures but they're moving downtown DeLand and Stetson further into the spotlight.

Cossu, a 2014 Stetson computer science graduate, is among a small but growing number of Stetson students and graduates who are developing computer products, applications and services with commercial potential. Many are looking to existing and new technology to make life easier for the community while building a business future for themselves.

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Keeping it Cool

July 21, 2017 - Stetson's Energy Specialist reduces electric usage while protecting
"priceless" treasures

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Microsoft Power BI Technology Reshaping Decision at Stetson

As Stetson envisions, builds and adapts to changing technology, business intelligence is reshaping how faculty and staff make decisions at Stetson. Digital transformation, enabled through the use of Microsoft Power BI technology, is redefining the university's approach to optimizing student outcomes by empowering faculty, staff and administrators to leverage data-driven insights. The move from relying on inherited wisdom and intuition to user-friendly, real-time dashboards has led university stakeholders to debunk several myths around retention rates, academic programs and resource allocations while uncovering what really drives student success. 

Ethical Hacking

Richard Roe has an app on his phone that can take down almost any website. Roe and fellow student Sebastian Florez developed the app last spring for a class on computer and network security at Stetson University. Computer science and math Professor Dan Plante, PhD, challenged students to find vulnerabilities in the Internet and the two students stumbled upon something that grabbed the attention of senior officials at Microsoft, Oracle and a national Internet-security consortium. Sept. 30, 2016

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New Stetson Safety App Ready for iPhone and Android Users

Stetson Public Safety has released a new app designed to help ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus, as well as the parents of students. Appropriately named the Stetson Safety App, it is free to download on smartphones. Aug. 29, 2016

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