Initiative E, Objective 2: Use Real-Time Forecasting and Modeling to Drive Decisions

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Assessment and Effectiveness

Both the area of Curriculum and Assessment and Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness are working to bring data-driven decision making to the Provost's Office and the university. 

Assessment is using data to address the distribution of General Education program course offerings. 

Using real-time forecasting: Stetson's Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness recognized the need for a more scalable, user-friendly solution that empowers the university's faculty and staff to conduct their own data-driven investigations and engage students and alumni with up-to-date information. As a result, Stetson adopted Microsoft's Power BI, an interactive data visualization tool that helps users draw smarter insights from masses of information.

May 2017 Provost Status Report

Institutional Research and Effectiveness BI report

Future Perfect

Business and finance have implemented Public Financial Management's (PFM) Future Perfect forecasting and strategic planning tool. Used by state and local governments, non-profits and higher education and community organizations, Future Perfect is a financial modeling platform that overcomes the limitations of traditional spreadsheets. Future Perfect allows the university to create and review potential scenarios based on enrollment modeling, facilities usage and academic program models.


Admission and Enrollment Management utilize the resources of Enrollment Research Associates, a higher education consulting firm, for in-depth enrollment management research modeling of Stetson University's undergraduate class. Hamborg is known for his expertise in forecasting based on the multiple goals of enrollment management, academic profile, class size, diversity, retention, and net tuition. 

Office of Information Technology

Stetson's Office of Information Technology uses Solarwinds an industry standard software, to detect, diagnose and resolve network performance issues, throughout, and model bandwidth performance. IT monitors network usage to detect and forecast potential bottlenecks in the university network.

Facility Usage

In 2017 the Registrar's Office implemented Ad Astra's room management system for the Stetson University DeLand Campus. Stetson is using Astra Schedule an enterprise-class scheduling platform that integrates with the university student information system to align faculty and academic space to meet student need. The system is able to identify areas of the university that are running at either under or over planned capacity.

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