Initiative E, Objective 1: Streamline Systems and Processes

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New Strategic Process

The School of Business Administration announced the launch of a new strategic planning process to both build new direction and to identify new initiatives.

May 2017 Provost Status Report 

Keeping Communications Open

The Bursar's Office is working to improve communications with students and families related to university billing cycles and the Bursar's website.

May 2017 Business and Finance Status Report

Stetson Recognized as Model for Student Debit Cards

With a focus on streamlining processes for students, Stetson has been recognized for excellence by the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In December 2016, the bureau identified Stetson as a model for its use of prepaid debit cards for students' college-sponsored accounts. The recognition also was mentioned in a story in The New York Time (Dec. 15, 2016). 

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Real-Time Conservation

In 2015, Stetson contracted with Cenergistic, a Dallas-based company that leverages data and technology to help Stetson implement energy-conservation measures that will help preserve the environment. Stetson officials are working with Cenergistic to schedule energy demands more efficiently by, for example, monitoring the use of air conditioning during holidays and changing consumption behaviors. 

Millions of Gallons of Water

Over a period of three years, the university was able to reduce its water usage by more than a million gallons.  from the same time period the previous year. In 2015 more than 1.7 million fewer gallons of clean water were consumed than in 2011, even though the campus community increased by 30 percent and more facilities were added. 

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Microsoft's Power BI

Stetson's Office of Institutional Research recognized the need for a more scalable, user-friendly solution that empowers the university's faculty and staff to conduct their own data-driven investigations and engage students and alumni with up-to-date information. As a result, Stetson adopted Microsoft's Power BI, an interactive data visualization tool that helps users draw smarter insights from masses of information.

More information on the Office of Institutional Research and Microsoft Business Blog (How Stetson University democratizes data-driven decision making)

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