Initiative D, Objective 5: Enhance Faculty and Staff Development

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Updated Friday, March 16, 2018

A Greater Voice for Stetson Staff

A 10-member advisory council is working to represent the voice of Stetson University's 500+ staff members at the university's DeLand campus and Center at Celebration.

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Faculty Highlights

Faculty highlights at Stetson University include national recognition, participation in international meetings and conferences, book and research publication and notable engagement with national and international organizations and institutes.

May 2017 Faculty Student Status Report 

Brown Center Update

The Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Development has developed a year-round orientation with focus and attention on new faculty transition, mentoring, student advising, experiential learning and tenure and promotion. The center has launched a number of programs to facilitate the development of faculty as teacher-scholars,

May 2017 Academic Affairs Status Report 

May 2017 Provost Status Report

A Focus on Project-Based Learning

Stetson University's third annual Colloquium on Teaching and Learning was filled with inspiring, innovative and thought-provoking discussions and engagement.

Hosted on April 7 and 8, 2017 by Stetson University's Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence, the event delineated innovative approaches to address real-world and complex challenges in the higher education classroom.

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National Faculty Mentor

Hala ElAarag, PhD, associate professor of computer science, was awarded the 2015 Faculty Mentoring Award from the Mathematics and Computer Science Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR).

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Brown Innovation Fellows

Stetson University's Brown Innovation Fellows, a group of teacher-learners immersed in a yearlong journey of reflective dialogue and meaningful discussions about teaching and learning, are setting their sights high this year.

Thirteen Fellows were announced for this year's cohort in December, and they are using the inspiring and ground-breaking novel by Parker Palmer, "The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life" as a transformative guide.

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Balancing Research and Teaching

There may not be greasepaint or wild animals, but sometimes university faculty may wonder whether they have mistakenly chosen life under the Big Top: juggling while trying to keep their balance on a high wire.

That's a little bit how it feels to try to meet the twin demands of the study and the classroom, research and teaching. And increasingly there is a third element to add to the apparently conflicting mix: service.

Is it really possible to do it all, to excel in each sphere? Can you keep all the balls in the air? Or does something simply have to give?

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Leading Through Change, Interaction

If adaptability in today's world is the name of the game, then Robert Kegan, PhD, holds the tools to the rules.

"Dr. Kegan's expertise is with adult learners," explained Resche Hines, PhD, assistant vice president of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at Stetson University. "He has helped hundreds of institutions deal with change. And his personality is one of modeling in a very non-threatening way."

Kegan is the William and Miriam Meehan Professor in Adult Learning and Professional Development, educational chair at the Institute for Management and Leadership in Education, and co-director of the Change Leadership Group at Harvard University. He was chosen to be the facilitator for this year's Faculty Learning Community Day at Stetson.

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