Initiative C, Objective 2: Exemplify Experiential Learning as Core to Stetson

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Updated Friday, March 16, 2018

Stetson Tutors Present at National Conference

Four Stetson Writing Center tutors attended the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing at Hofstra University in New York. They presented their paper on working with students with reading disabilities, “Building the Bridge Between Accommodation and Tutoring: Reading Disability in the Writing Center.”

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Making the Grade

As of the start of classes this fall the School of Business Administration faculty launched an expanded opportunity for student experiential engagement, the College of Law continued to hold the number one spot in national rankings and the School of Music expanded its venues for student performance.

May 2017 Provost Status Report 

From Research to Water

Experiential learning at Stetson University represents many different opportunities for students to be involved in their communities. In DeLand, students could participate in everything from undergraduate research to study abroad to hands-on experience with water safety and water sample collection standards. In Gulfport, College of Law students are able to provide services and support for veterans through a partnership with the Bay Pines VA Healthcare System.

May 2017 Academic Affairs Status Report

Spring Break in Havana

The College of Law spring break this year included a trip to Havana Cuba and meetings with Cuban lawyers about the issues and challenges with the current legal system there.

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'Stetson Runs on Student Employment'

Stetson hosts its first Student Employee Appreciation Day. Stetson employs 957 students in 1,132 different jobs. "They affect over 100 different departments on campus. They do everything from helping paint, helping recycle to running major projects for different departments," said Nora Huth, Stetson's Student Employment coordinator.

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29 Bonner Scholars

As a classic example of experiential learning, a total of 29 Bonner scholars participated in Stetson's 2016 summer-of-service program. Students served in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand and Peru, as well as Arizona, Georgia, Oregon, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Florida, Stetson, starting its program in 2005, has the oldest, largest and only endowed Bonner program in Florida.

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A Study in Stewardship

In 2016, Sarah Coffey '18, an environmental science major, was one of only two students in Florida to win a Udall Scholarship from the Udall Foundation. Udall scholarship recipients study in fields related to the environment and to Native Americans and Alaska Natives in the areas of health care and tribal public policy, among others. Coffey was selected among 482 candidates to win $7,000 for her junior year. At Stetson, Coffey serves as the president of the university's community garden, as well as a student organization for food awareness. She also was named the first Environmental Sustainability Fellow at Stetson.

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Sarah Caudill '06: member of the "Discovery of the Century" research team

Alumna Sarah Caudill, PhD ('06, physics), worked on the research team that made the "Discovery of the Century," directly detecting gravitational waves from two colliding black holes, as predicted by Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, which was published in 1915.

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