Initiative A, Objective 6: Continue to Foster Stetson's Core Values

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Updated Friday, March 16, 2018

A Stetson Tradition: Model Senate

Stetson has the oldest collegiate-level Model Senate in the country. Started by a political science student and Professor T. Wayne Bailey, PhD, in 1971, the Model Senate celebrated its 47th year this March.

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Director of Moral Courage Speaks at Values Day

Stetson University's Values Day speaker is Irshad Manji. She is the Founder and Director of the Moral Courage Project, which equips students to make values-based decisions. She has turned her journey as a Muslim feminist reformer into teachings about professional leadership, informed by cutting-edge research that connects across the disciplines.  

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More than a Logo

Stetson University Chaplain, Reverend Willie Barnes, discusses how Values Day is a day of reflection, designed to honor share and foster dialogue around Stetson's shared values of personal growth, intellectual development and global citizenship.

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The Marshall & Vera Lea Rinker Welcome Center Wins State Design Award

When Stetson University decided to build a welcome center on campus, university officials promised to build "an iconic, sustainable building" that would last for years to come. The Marshall & Vera Lea Rinker Welcome Center was named the 2017 Outstanding Sustainability Project in the state by the Florida Planning and Zoning Association, which cited its many features that conserve energy and water, make efficient use of land, and help recharge groundwater supplies.

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Stetson Approves $1.5M for Energy-Saving Projects

Stetson University's Board of Trustees approved spending $1.5 million for energy-saving projects, such as switching to more energy-efficient LED lighting. The university has joined the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, pledging to try to become carbon neutral by 2050, and has developed an Environmental Stewardship Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its ongoing operations.

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Teaching English for Social Justice

At Stetson University's La Casa Cultural Latina, faculty and students help people learn English as a second language. The center was started by Pamela Cappas-Toro, PhD, an assistant professor in Stetson's World Languages and Cultures Department. For her, learning English is a social justice issue. People who can't speak English are limited in their job opportunities, can't go to governmental agencies for services, and may get misdiagnosed when they go to a doctor.

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Army ROTC Cadet Selected for Flight School

Stetson University graduating senior Ryan Newfrock was selected as one of just 140 cadets from 6,000 nationwide who will go to flight school and train to become a helicopter pilot, like his father. So it was a fitting tribute to wear his father's Army dress uniform when he was commissioned as a second lieutenant.

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Irene Gilmore: Feeding Stetson Students for Nearly 59 years

Irene Gilmore worked in Stetson Dining for more than five decades and fed three generations of Stetson University students. But even more important, the woman known as "Miss Irene" provided lots of hugs and encouragement to countless students, as well as faculty and staff.

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Rinkers Endow WORLD: International Learning

WORLD: The David and Leighan Rinker Center for International Learning has been endowed by Stetson University Trustee David Rinker and his wife Leighan Rinker. WORLD offers internationalization and quality education through international initiatives, global engagement of faculty and students, and a keen sense of intercultural awareness through experience and interaction both on and off campuses throughout the United States. Rinker said his priority was to "make intercultural learning vital to the Stetson experience. A primary mechanism for transformative intercultural learning is study abroad," he said. "Our goal is to make it possible for every Stetson student to study abroad regardless of academic major and financial means."

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Senator Nyong'o Urges Students to Find Their Calling

Hundreds attend keynote address by Kenyan Senator Peter Anyang' Nyong'o on Values Day.

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Stetson's Jason Alexander '06

Always an MVP: Stetson alumnus Jason Gilliam-Alexander once a successful college baseball player and student tells us how he translated the skills he learned at Stetson into charity work mentoring youth.

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Stetson commemorates 9/11 with Day of Service

Stetson University planned a Day of Service as well as several ceremonies, which are all open to the public and the university community.

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