faculty at 2014 strategic planning meeting

Strategic Planning Highlights

How we arrived here:

The planning process undertaken in 2013-2014 focused the Stetson community on strategic effectiveness. The goal was to formulate a five-year strategic plan and move immediately to implementation. Like a GPS the process, gave the university the flexibility to make dynamic adjustments as needed as it focused on results and our goals while staying on the critical path.

It began with a series of four open discussions in October 2013, at which the Stetson University community examined major trends in higher education and assessed the opportunities that lay before it. These discussions coincided with focus groups, facilitated by TSI Consulting Partners, Inc., with invited representation from students, faculty, staff, administration and trustees. A short, anonymous, open-ended survey asked the university community for thoughts on the university's strengths, critical issues it faced, and key priorities.

Faculty, staff, students, trustees, alumni and friends gathered in DeLand, Gulfport and Celebration as part of these planning efforts. Representatives met as a Vision Team in November 2013 and a Mapping Team in March 2014, again assisted by our outside consultant, to produce guiding documents that were vetted with the Stetson community and refined by feedback.

In May 2014, this inclusive process culminated in the approval of the 2014-2019 Strategic Map by the Stetson University Board of Trustees, with implementation beginning in fall 2014.

Where are we now?

It has been three years since the Strategic Map was approved and implementation began. The university is slightly past the midpoint of the plan and although progress has been thoughtful and purposeful it has not been slow. The university took quick action to address priority initiatives and has shown decisive success in most initiatives with continuing work in all areas.

This website represents a progress report of the 2014-2019 Strategic Map Initiatives, including those identified as Year One Priorities, as well as those areas where the university as a whole has made progress and those that continue to require attention and mindfulness. This site will change and evolve as we continue to report on our progress and move toward conclusion of this strategic plan.

Initial work on next steps at the conclusion of the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan is underway and is part of Stetson University's Board of Trustees planning for 2017-2018.