May 2017 Campus Life and Student Success, C3

C3, Expand and Deepen the Development of the Whole Person:

Direct Student Support

The past year, but particularly the past several months, has outlined the importance of supporting our students through the challenges that they will face. The phrase, "once they get into the real world" is often used in relation to college students to imply the college experience is a bubble, disconnected and apart from the rest of life. While this partially rings true, our students have been dealing very much with the real world, experiencing the loss of two of their peers and wondering how decisions made by local and national leaders will impact their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Regarding students in personal crisis, CLaSS provides a wide variety of resources, both proactive and reactive. A host of programs, workshops and trainings are offered throughout the year informing members of the Stetson community of support resources, such as Student Counseling Services and the Chaplain's Office, available to help students develop healthy coping skills, and to train students, faculty, and staff on how to identify concerning behaviors and effectively intervene. Structures are in place to provide immediate and ongoing support and connection through the 24-Hour On-Call Response Team and the Students of Concern Team. This myriad of prevention services is balanced by a substantial response structure when tragedy does strike. 

The Emergency Management Team leads the university's response in a wide range of situations, including supporting the community through the death of two of its members. This cabinet-level team, with input from many sectors of the organization, met on multiple occasions to coordinate response efforts.