May 2017 Campus Life and Student Success, C1

C1, Coach, Advise and Mentor in Support of Success and Significance:

Retention and Persistence

CLaSS continues to collaborate with Academic Affairs and Institutional Research and Effectiveness in working with our partners at the Educational Advisory Board, Inc. (EAB) through the Stetson Student Success Collaborative (Stetson SSC) to improve retention and persistence to graduation. Five subgroups have been identified as top-priority targets for retention initiatives, with three more subgroups being identified as additional priorities. Progress on the development and implementation of these initiatives will be overseen by a restructured Retention and Persistence Task Force Strategic Group. Our dedicated consultants from EAB will be visiting the DeLand campus in mid-April to conduct a series of workshops that involve auditing our overall first-year retention intervention process, improving our communication, and delving deeply into the Discovery Program for students who are undecided about their majors.