May 2017 Business and Finance, D6

D6, Optimize Use and Return on Real Estate, Infrastructure and Capital Assets:

Facilities Management - College of Law

Facilities addressed multiple issues associated with the Gulfport and Tampa campuses including the Chilled Water Plant, emergency generators, renovations of the campus fountains and updates to the Tampa Law Center.

Facilities Management - DeLand Campus

In DeLand work continues in the Carlton Union Building, the Lambda Chi Fraternity House, Cooper Sand Volleyball Pavilion, Aquatic Center and the list of summer projects.

At the Carlton Union Building, the planned expansion and renovation continue on schedule. Phase 1 was completed for use when the students returned in August 2017. Phase 2 encompasses the center of the building and will house the new kitchen, new serving areas, dining areas, Stetson Room, space for student organizations, radio station, and student lounges. Phase 3 encompasses the south wing and will house the coffee shop, faculty lounge, south lobby on the first floor and the Student Affairs offices on the second floor. Phase 3 will commence in May 2018.