May 2017 Business and Finance D4

D4, Use Human Resource Planning to Drive Innovation:

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): As of this writing, there has been no federal action on the proposed changes to the FLSA (the proposed changes were put on hold in November 2016). Stetson has continued to take a “wait and see” approach since our primary goal was legal compliance. When asked, the new labor secretary nominee indicated support for updating the salary threshold, but at a much lower level.

Applicant Tracking: Following a 10-month implementation, the online applicant-tracking system will be going live in April.

Staff Advisory Committee: Recognizing that both students and faculty have venues to participate in the dialogue about institutional issues and staff do not, a new Staff Advisory Committee has been proposed. This consultative group will serve as a voice of the staff, facilitate communication between the staff and the administration and will provide a forum for input and discussion of issues important to the staff and the University.

Benefits: The University Benefits Advisory Committee will begin meeting in May 2017 in preparation for annual benefit plan renewals.