Feb. 2017 Business and Finance, E5

E5, Envision, Build and Adapt Technology:

Information Technology – DeLand

Infrastructure – DeLand and Celebration Campuses: Continued to increase security, bandwidth and network speed. Doubled the speed in the residence halls in response to student surveys and the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth.

Security: The new firewalls provide a vast improvement, including insight into egress/ingress traffic, threats, traffic trends, D/DOS, virus/malware blocking and malicious site detection/blocking enabling proactivity when dealing with an attack.

Enterprise Information Systems: In 2015, Stetson migrated the student information system (Banner) licensing to an enterprise model that allows for more flexibility in the deployment of servers. The process of separating development and production systems into two separate environments is now 100 percent complete and creates a more secure environment.

All enterprise systems are in the process of being load-balanced as part of the business continuity, high-availability and disaster recovery initiatives.

Continuously developing new features in the MyStetson portal, including a single-sign-on solution with Microsoft services (email, Office 365), access for parents of students and a mobile application.

Broadcast Productions: With ever-increasing demand for services, broadcast events have nearly doubled. Continually growing social media presence, which acts as a community involvement and recruitment tool for students to assist with broadcasts.

Information Technology – College of Law (Gulfport and Tampa)

Upgraded high-priority network equipment to provide improved performance and availability.Deployed Eduroam “(education roaming) a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. Eduroam allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop. Migrated Law Library servers that host online catalogs and innovative services into Gulfport server room, providing greater security and a more reliable power environment.

Event Production Support/Media Production Projects

AV tech and production support for 85+ major live events. AV pre/post content production for 60+ projects and multiple live studio webinars. Averaged 65-70 general campus recordings per week during the past semester.

University-wide AV Tech Integrations Completed:


DeLand: IT renovation of LBC 318 – Student Collaboration Classroom

DeLand: Renovation and upgrade of Tinsley Rehearsal Room

DeLand: Sales Lab lecture capture installation

COL: Great Hall LED lighting project

COL: Classroom A media cabinet upgrade and presenter preview monitor installation