Feb 2017 Business and Finance, D6

D6, Optimize Use of and Return on Real Estate, Infrastructure and Capital Assets:

Facilities Management – College of Law

Projects at the College of Law include roof repairs to the South Chilled Water Plant, fixing the transfer switches on the emergency generators, repairing the roof at the Law Library, finishing the air conditioning project for the student residences and completing the renovations at the Tampa Law Center. 

Facilities Management – Celebration

Facilities Management is working with our real estate broker to provide tours and information regarding the center to prospective buyers.

Facilities Management – DeLand Campus:

The Carlton Union Building (CUB) expansion and renovation continues and is scheduled for completion in late December 2018. The Sandra Stetson Aquatic Center design and engineering is complete. The Lambda Chi Fraternity House is being expanded to include 14 additional beds and a formal chapter room, and the former BP Service Station has received five proposals to either lease or buy this property.