May 2017 Academic Affairs, G

G, Be a Diverse Community of Inclusive Excellence:

A number of individual events continue to occur both on the DeLand and Gulfport campus that encourage our reflection around diversity and inclusion. More specifically, there are three university initiatives that focus on this charge:

  1. The campus climate survey
  2. Ongoing events focused on facilitating difficult conversation or being able to disagree with civility (the most recent one was a weekend seminar in August at the DeLand campus, attended by 20 faculty, administrators and staff)
  3. Many Voices | One Stetson

Throughout this year, responding to the campus climate survey has become one of the top two initiatives at Stetson, and the single most important initiative that ties all Stetson campuses together. All VPs and the President have set individual goals, which are available online, and a structure has been established to oversee the work of the community toward a more diverse, inclusive environment.

The third annual Symposium on Inclusive Excellence in Teaching took place on the Gulfport campus and included participation by faculty and staff from both Law and Arts and Sciences.