Feb. 2017 Academic Affairs, D6

D6, Optimize Use of and Return on Real Estate, Infrastructure and Capital Assets:

Facility: The library is transforming the northeast corner of the mezzanine into a children's literature area with new casual furniture and bookshelves. The library's juvenile literature collection contains all of the major award-winning children's books and is heavily used by both teacher education students and Stetson families. The new area will complement the library's Greenlaw Special Collection of 1,600 first-edition children's books that are almost all signed by the author and/or illustrator. 

Archives and Special Collections: The library has been digitizing the contents of the University Archives for many years and makes available online every Stetson yearbook, student newspaper, and University Bulletin as well as tens of thousands of photographs, selected student research, and many other items. This fall, the library completed digitizing and uploading the more than 6,700 pieces of physical memorabilia (e.g., a 1926 baseball uniform, fraternity paddles, Stetson hats, an 1892 architectural rendering of Chaudoin Hall) that are housed in the archives. Our next project is to scan and upload tens of thousands of pages of university correspondence from the 1880s into the early 20th century.

With support from an endowment given by Lewis Stetson Allen, great-grandson of John B. Stetson, librarians have been researching the history of the Stetson family and the Stetson Hat Company. The library completed a family tree this fall that includes every known direct descendent (122 people) of John B. Stetson. Family members offered valuable assistance, and more than 30 of the living descendent families with whom we had contact received a large, professionally printed copy of the tree.