Feb. 2017 Academic Affairs, B6

B6, Infuse Technology into Pedagogy to Support High-impact learning:

Online Learning

The Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology (OOLET), led by Director Lisa Sawtell accomplished the following:

  • Successfully completed the upgrade to Blackboard Ultra in December 2017 to improve the teaching and learning experience. Instructors at the COL and DeLand received training.

  • Selected Ensemble, a video management platform, for all Stetson campuses. Installation is slated for spring/summer 2017.

  • Shepherded the establishment of the Summer 2017 Online Course Incentive Program to facilitate the development of high quality summer 2017 online courses. A consultant will be hired to assist instructors with conversion of courses to online formats and for course redesign.

  • Facilitated conversion of the Masters of Accountancy program courses from Pearson/Moodle to Blackboard LMS at the level of 85 percent completion. At 100 percent conversion, OOLET staff will work with instructors to review new structures and delivery modes, and address faculty requests.

  • Continued to provide editing, technical and faculty support for online modules developed by the Volusia Center for Excellence in Education (VCEE).