wide view of palm court at Stetson DeLand

Strategic Plan

On May 3, 2019, the Stetson University Board of Trustees approved a shortened, Roll Ahead Strategic Map Goals document that is based on the 2014-2019 Strategic Map. The purpose was to guide the direction and focus of the university for the next few years.


Since then the university has tracked progress on the Roll Ahead Strategic Map Goals, issuing reports in Feb. 2020 and again most recently in 2021. 

President Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, and the university Board of Trustees are expected to soon announce a framework for the next round of strategic planning.  

Learning Excellence

Through annual cycles of curriculum review and overall insight into our instructional programs, develop advanced methods to assure the highest opportunities for student learning.Examples of this include review and revision of FSEMs and Focus Orientation, expansion of student access to meaningful experiential learning experiences, continued improvement as a result of program review, and more universal implementation of academic and non-academic assessment. 

Demand, National Reputation and Value Proposition

In concert with new and continuing deans, the Provost and VPs of Enrollment Management, CLaSS and Marketing will develop and strengthen distinctiveness in our academic and campus life with demonstrated improvement in outcomes as measured by employment and graduate school enrollment in outcomes surveys. We will pursue increased national reputation for faculty scholarship and creative activity, as well as athletic competitive excellence.


To assure broad understanding of Stetson's goals for providing an inclusive environment: concentrating on training opportunities for more inclusive searches, stressing the evolution into being a more open and respectful community, and adopting best practices in ways to promote equitable policies and practices within and throughout our campuses.

Financial Transparency and Translation

Assure an understanding of the Stetson University finances and budget processes, and translate budget planning and execution to university constituents as a way to build confidence and expand awareness.

Advising and Engagement

Review and revise advising and engagement activities based on best practices for institutions like Stetson. Examples include evaluation of faculty advising, promotion of advisor development, creation of clear pathways for Discovery students and increased awareness of the importance of effective advising.  


Continue and complete on-going fundraising efforts for focused campaigns and lay the groundwork for the next comprehensive campaign. Engage alumni more fully in deepening their relationship with Stetson and each other, and secure resources to enhance the institution's financial sustainability.