Stetson Strategy Sessions

Deltona and DeLand meetings

Brainstorming for our future

At two meetings with faculty in August, and at meetings this fall with staff and students, the deans, senior administrative leaders, and I had the opportunity to discuss some of the thorny and complex issues facing higher education and Stetson University. These may be national in scope, but they feel local in their impact on the university and our community.

We wanted to have this discussion now because Stetson is in a strong and stable position. We are healthy, both culturally and financially. Certainly, our position is enhanced by being a comprehensive university with a diversity of thought and programming.

As we prepared to welcome the second-largest entering class in university history, we thought it appropriate to find a more casual and relaxed venue to explore our possibilities for the short- and mid-term and to expand the voices offering input and solutions.

There were many, many items brought up and discussed with civility and respect including mentoring Discovery students, retention, advising, budget allocation, scholarships, bridge programs, athletics and the social and cultural disruptors that are impacting institutions of higher education across the country . . . and Stetson, in particular.

I hope I speak for all participants in appreciation of the level of positive intent and shared interests shown for one another's point of view.

We have transcribed the comments and suggestions and posted them so they are accessible to the participants and community. We hope they will provoke thought and conversation. I welcome your feedback.

Wendy B. Libby, PhD