Zachary Gunn

Hometown: Wesley Chapel, Florida
Dual Major: Economics and Finance
What's Next: Goldman Sachs

Zachary Gunn, a double major in business administration and economics from Wesley Chapel, Florida, is the first Stetson graduate to be offered a position from top investment banking firm Goldman Sachs. Gunn's diverse abilities range from his love of political campaigns to becoming a portfolio manager for Stetson's Roland George Investment Program, where he helped manage $3.5 million in real capital. In addition, his driven personality, combined with his outstanding business education, enabled him to successfully present at the RGIP Public Trustee Meeting in 2018 on the history of Bitcoin. He also presented a case for investing in HFDC Bank, an Indian bank that is the world's largest private-sector lender by assets. The trustees agreed and voted to purchase 1,000 shares. Clearly, Gunn is someone to watch in the field of finance.

Stetson Today - The Class of 2019: Zachary Gunn gets hired by Goldman Sachs