Lauren Hill SurfingLauren Hill SurfingLauren Hill Surfing

Lauren Hill ’08

Environmental Activist and Surfer

Majors: Environmental Science, Social Science

Lauren's grace and natural surfing talent have afforded her many titles in the world of competitive long boarding, including becoming one of Billabongs' elite sponsored surfers. She began by earning degrees in Environmental and Social Science at Stetson University. As a student, Lauren was dedicated to finding ways to creatively marry her passion for surfing with environmental activism, which lead to her current passion for marine conservation, along with her current academically-published articles on the intersections of surfing, sustainability, and gender issues within the surfing community.

Since her work revolves around how the surfing culture relates to marine conservation and gender issues, Lauren participated in the Transparentsea Voyage, where she – along with a team of talented individuals – traveled 270 miles along the California coast in an 18-foot kayak – tracking the California Gray Whale migration as a way to raise awareness of coastal environmental issues. Being an eco-feminist, Lauren is also an ambassador for organizations such as Women for Whales and Surfers for Cetaceans.

Lauren has, in turn, developed her own online organization - The Sea Kin - which is designed to celebrate life within the ocean. The Sea Kin is a place where stories, ideas and imagery are combined to share both the social and environmental values surrounding the surfing community.

When she is not traveling the world, Lauren splits her time between her childhood home of St. Augustine, FL and her environmentally-sustainable home in Byron Bay, Australia. Lauren’s advice to everyone is this: “Find something you’re passionate about and investigate it. It’s entirely possible to make a career out of something you love.”