Lives of Significance

Individuals of significant character and uncommon vision have defined Stetson University since its beginning 1883. These precedents still compel us to seek answers to the greatest challenges we face today.

Then as now, students come to Stetson to become business and social leaders, artists and innovators, guides and catalysts - to prepare for new and existing challenges with the broad knowledge and unflagging fortitude necessary to serve future generations with compassion, kindness and respect. The courage to build a better world is solidified with the confidence to do so.

Stetson's values, vision and commitment to excellence quickly become evident in each story of significance. It is in the real lives of students, alumni, faculty and staff that we see it is not the university that defines the individual, but rather the individual that defines the university.

Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill '08
Environmental Activist and Surfer
Majors: Environmental Science, Social Science

Florencia Abelenda

Florencia Abelenda '10
Advertising Analyst and Researcher, Google
Major: Sociology

Chuck Wolfe

Chuck Wolfe '85
President and CEO of the Victory Fund, Washington DC
Major: Political Science

Loyal Pyczynski

Loyal Pyczynski '02
Principal Marketing & Business Strategy Manager, Rockwell Collins
Major: Finance

Matt Katsolis

Matt Katsolis '01
Award-winning filmmaker, Interpret Studios
Major: Digital Arts

Avantika Hari Agrawal

Avantika Hari Agrawal '02
Majors: Digital Arts, Economics

Simone Marstiller

Simone Marstiller '88, JD '96
Judge, First District Court of Appeals, Florida
Major: Business Administration

Erin Lovell Ebanks

Erin Lovell Ebanks '08
Professor and Author
Major: Communication

Matt Morton

Matt Morton '06
Social Protection Specialist, The World Bank
Major: Political Science

Jessica Rafalowski

Jessica Rafalowski, '08
Director of Sales and Marketing, Quick Turn Machine Company
Majors: Marketing, Psychology

Jacob deGrom

Jacob deGrom
Pitcher, New York Mets
Major: Sport Management

Corey Kluber

Corey Kluber
Pitcher, Cleveland Indians
Major: Business Administration

Ahmad Yakzan

Ahmad Yakzan '03
Degrees: MBA '05, JD '08, LLM '09

Andrew Moedinger

Andrew Moedinger '07
Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, SoldusLink, AG
Majors: Computer Science, Music Performance

Dane Moran

Dane Moran '12
Medical Student
Major: Biochemistry

Donovan Singletary

Donovan Singletary '06
Opera Singer
Major: Music Performance

Heather Grove

Heather Grove '11
Community Director and Program Coordinator
Majors: Geography, Environmental Science, Spanish, Latin American and Latino Studies

Jessica Walton

Jessica Walton '08
Project Manager, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
Major: Marketing

Tyler Herbert

Tyler Herbert '06
Real Estate Acquisitions, Invesco
Major: Finance