Erica Kok

Hometown: Binondo, Manila
Major: Computer Science
What's Next: JP Morgan Chase

Erica Kok - JPMorgan Chase & Co.®, Facebook®, Microsoft® and Google® — not many students can say they've had the opportunity to work with three major technology giants. Erica Kok can. She's accomplished all of this prior to completing her computer science degree. Erica's extreme motivation coupled with a challenging yet supportive Stetson education led to earning a slot at the Google Computer Science Summer Institute, a highly sought after $10,000 scholarship from Google's Women Techmakers Scholars Program, invitations to retreats at Google's headquarters, a competitive internship opportunity that included Facebook (and meeting Mark Zuckerberg), an internship at Microsoft and a full-time software security analyst position with JPMorgan Chase & Co. in Portland, Oregon, upon graduation.