Andrew Moedinger '07

Andrew Moedinger

Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, SoldusLink, AG

Majors: Computer Science, Music Performance

Moedinger started his career as a software engineer for Google in Zurich, Switzerland.  At Google he worked on projects from web search experiments to compilers. He was a technical lead on Gmail and led a team of engineers to develop innovations such as the tabbed Inbox, which gives users more control of their email by automatically segregating personal messages from promotions and other notifications. Currently he is the technical officer for an asset management firm based out of Zurich. "Stetson was a wonderful environment for me in many ways, but two things in particular really stand out," he says. "First of all is the community; from supportive and challenging teachers to great fellow students, some of whom are still my best friends despite now being on the other side of the world, the relationships I developed at Stetson have made a huge positive impact on me to this day. Second is the encouragement of a pursuit of excellence, from the many great concerts to the academic curriculum."