Alex W. Sanchez '12
IB Information Literacy Specialist, Baldwin School of Puerto Rico

  • Major: Elementary Education 
    Minor: Psychology
  • Student Commencement Speaker '12
  • Dean's List/Honor Roll
  • Bonner Scholar Senior Intern
  • CCE Education Community Organizer

Alex - born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico - came to the United States at the age of 12. With an eagerness to learn, encouraging parents, and uplifting teachers, Alex overcame an initial struggle with the English language. Upon entering Stetson, his passion for education as a cause led him to discover his talent for teaching in the classroom.

Alex W. Sanchez

Through the Stetson Bonner Program, he quickly earned his place as a leader - representing Stetson at local and national conferences, and kickstarting initiatives to promote social justice through education, not only in classrooms but also in the DeLand community at large.

Currently, Alex teaches in an IB-Candidate World School in Puerto Rico as the Information Literacy Specialist. In this capacity, he teaches students in Pre-K - Grade Five and frequently offers teachers professional development.

His firm belief in the need for quality public education as a social justice equalizer has led him to present workshops to local public school teachers through his school’s Summer Teacher Institute. As a result of these workshops on best teaching philosophies and practices, the educational experience of nearly 900 public school students was impacted.