Teri-Ann Vallee

Teri Ann Vallee

World Languages and Cultures

Teri-Ann Vallee graduates as a member of Beta Gamma Sigma and a recipient of a Presidential Scholarship. One faculty member described her as "one of the most dedicated, hardworking, genuine and humble human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with."

The professor continued, "There is nothing more rewarding than collaborating (yes, I consider my work with Teri-Ann not only teaching but collaboration) with someone whom you know will take a project, an idea, and take it to the next level. When I look at Teri-Ann, I cannot but imagine what her life will be like just a few years from now. While I cannot (and would not want to) know the details, I know she will continue to amaze those with whom she will work. … What I wish for Teri-Ann is that destiny steers her towards one of the places where she will be not only valued for all her generosity but also her incredible potential. The world is certainly a better place with her in it."