Sydney Betancourt

Sydney Betancourt

International Studies

Sydney's record at Stetson consists of academic excellence plus a deep sense of community engagement and professionalism. In the study of Russian politics, Sydney took a creative approach to her final paper, writing on the role of satire as political protest in Russia. In international law, Sydney again took a distinct approach and wrote on the development of international sports law with a focus on the Russian doping scandal at the Olympics. 

Sydney's senior research project focused on the onset of civil war and used two African states as qualitative case studies. The research project was thoughtfully and carefully designed, and she presented it with confidence, taking questions with ease from her peers and a panel of professors at the end of the semester, said one professor.

Her sense of creativity and drive is reflected in her contributions outside of the classroom, as well. Sydney worked with the WORLD Center for International Learning at Stetson and organized events such as an October 2020 event on elections around the world. In addition, Sydney is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Sigma Alpha Iota.

Her future plans again are indicative of her curiosity: She hopes to serve in the Peace Corps along with pursuing a master's degree in conflict studies.