Samantha Dunlap

Samantha Dunlap

Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies

Sami Dunlap came to Stetson as an ROTC student — always in her Army uniform, running to or from physical training, all abuzz about a career in the military. Sami has been known to regale people with stories of her German relatives, her push-up feats, and how she sometimes got Russian and German confused. Popular, she is a member of Dobro Slovo, the National Slavic Honor Society, along with College Democrats and the SPREES Club.

Sami displayed leadership skills and poise beginning in her first year and throughout her time at Stetson. One example: During the final presentation, on Soviet Century, one of her team members did not show up to class. No one knew what to do, except Sami. She took a deep breath and said, "Well, let’s get started." Then she ran the show flawlessly. Similarly, in her second year, she suffered an injury and had to leave ROTC. Other students would have been crushed by this circumstance, but Sami saw it as an opportunity. She applied for and received, the Diane Disney Scholarship to study Russian in Kyiv in summer 2019, spending a month in Ukraine taking classes and writing blog posts on art.

In addition, she took classes in art history at Stetson and won a summer Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience grant for work on her senior thesis, comparing "Captain America" and "Malchish Kibalchish," U.S. and Soviet comics, respectively, with particular messages for children.

Sami is studying for the LSAT. In addition, while planning for law school to study international human rights or for graduate school to study art history, she is applying for jobs in museums.