Rebecca Guerra


Rebecca is an excellent student and a wonderful person. She is one of the few students to perform at the highest level in both Econometrics I and II, as well as in her senior research sequence. Rebecca is consistently well prepared, knowledgeable and has thoughtful answers to questions. Her professors are often amazed at how quickly and how well Rebecca works.

Rebecca was given her detailed revisions to an analysis, which include new regressions, and she has returned much more advanced research in a single day. Rebecca's goal is to apply economic tools to policy issues, particularly those concerning macro-economic issues in the European Union.

Her senior research analyzes the cross-country effects of negative interest rate monetary policy. She is trying to identify how negative interest rates affect a country's GDP by comparing countries with different financial and trade profiles. This is a challenging and very new research topic. Rebecca compares fixed effects and random effects models to isolate the mechanism by which negative interest rates affect GDP growth across EU countries.

Rebecca plans to pursue a master's in economics.