Moriah Luallen

Moriah Luallen

Health Sciences

Moriah Luallen completed her Bachelor of Science in health sciences with minors in chemistry and biology, and was set to receive a Certificate of Community Engagement. She graduated magna cum laude

Moriah was a truly reliable Bonner Program leader who served as a community health worker to support the work of the Hispanic Health Initiative in the nearby city of DeBary. She also was a frequent participant in campus outreach, and she was active in various roles on campus. Those roles included serving as president of the Stetson Astronomy club and as a peer educator on the WELL Team, as well as the volunteer chair for Alpha Epsilon Delta.

During her senior year, Moriah spent a significant amount of time working on her senior research, where she studied the effects of cannabidiol on Ciona Intestinalis, a model organism for Alzheimer's disease. To obtain additional experience in the healthcare field, Moriah currently is working at AdventHealth in DeLand and training to become a medical assistant.

After gaining more experience, she plans to attend graduate school to obtain a Master of Science in physician assistant studies.