Lois Oxley

Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies

Lois boldly dove into the Russian Language with a summer intensive in California. A semester later, she ventured off to Bishkek, in far-away Kyrgyzstan, for a semester at our partner, The American University of Central Asia. Since her return she has dominated SPREES club, re-organized the SPREES library, created a great atmosphere in Russian class, delved into the history of Russian poisoning for senior research and carved out a position as a sought-after videographer for faculty projects. Lois never makes excuses for herself and always shows integrity, generosity towards others and curiosity about her interests.

For all this, she wins the Zenkovsky award, a tribute to those who grapple with the Russian language, who show devotion to studying this region and who accept the risks and rewards. We hope she realizes the gifts her studies have brought her and we cannot wait to follow her next steps.