Kiara Santiago

Theatre Arts

Kiara Santiago is a theatre arts major and psychology minor. She has held numerous lead roles in many productions during her time at Stetson, and has always given a compelling performance. This year, Kiara went above and beyond by playing the part of Kate from Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. She contextualized that performance by writing and performing her own companion monologue that worked to dismantle issues of gender inequality that permeate this classic play. 

Kiara's work in this production was simply extraordinary. What the faculty will miss most about Kiara is her willingness to keep pushing herself in order to master a performance. When a director said, "Wow Kiara, that was great!" she often responds with "Thanks. Can we do it again, because there’s a moment that I think could be better." Truly inspiring.

After graduation, Kiara plans to seek employment at a regional theatre arts company or entertainment theme park.