Kevin (Wilson) Grooms

Kevin (Wilson) Grooms


A Presidential Scholar, Kevin (Wilson) Grooms is a member of Stetson’s Honors Program and was on the Pioneer League’s academic honor roll, as well as the Dean’s List for all of the five semesters he attended Stetson. He was the founder and a member of Stetson Peer Advocates and Resources (an on-campus victim advocacy group) and a member of Stetson's football team. 

Kevin transferred to Stetson in fall 2018 from Southeastern University, graduating from Stetson’s Honors Program in December 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and a minor in history minor, along with a criminology certificate. During summer 2020, he completed an honors internship with the FBI.

For his senior research project, titled "Interpretations of Deference Exchange in Police-Civilian Interactions," Kevin conducted in-depth, semi-structured interviews with police officers in Central Florida to investigate how they interpret their interactions with civilians, based on their training and experiences, and which factors most influence their decisions. He examined how officers interpret and act upon some of the contextual aspects of their interactions, including their perceptions of civilians' deference and obedience. In addition, he analyzed interviewees' interpretations of certain behaviors depicted in body-camera footage by focusing on how officers define their roles, how they attempt to establish rapport with civilians, and how officers’ and the civilians’ race and gender may influence officers’ situational interpretations.

Waitlisted at five top-ranked law schools, Kevin plans to accept a job offer with the FBI, if he does not attend law school, and then re-apply to law school for fall 2022.