Kadhapriya Lindo

Kadhapriya Lindo


Kadhapriya is a double major in philosophy and political science with a minor in gender studies. She is a member of Pi Sigma Alpha and will graduate magna cum laude.

Her trenchant and sophisticated 45-page joint thesis “The State of Womanhood” critiqued the misogyny interwoven in social contract theory as functioning to keep women for exercising true political power and offered the remedy of “political womanhood: women’s own social contract, in solidarity against misogyny.” Kadhapriya twice served as a teaching assistant and once as an embedded writing tutor for sections of Dr. Peppers-Bates’ Introduction to Philosophy courses, where she modelled philosophical imagination and skill for her fellow students.

The philosophy department unanimously selected Kadhapriya for the Hall Award to honor her philosophical acumen, her commitment to social justice, and her stellar character.  After graduation, Kadhapriya will take a gap year and plans to participate in a political campaign. 

Although the philosophy department did its best to convince her to pursue a PhD (and hopes that one day she may return to philosophy), Kadhapriya plans on seeking a law degree. She will excel at whichever law school is lucky enough to recruit her.