Jason Slade Brown

Jason Slade


Jason Slade Brown graduated magna cum laude in December 2020, majoring in history and minoring in business law. He served as a member of the board of trustees for First Church DeLand and as the internal affairs officer for Club Ultimate. Although he qualified for Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society), he never officially joined due to the COVID-19 pandemic and his subsequent graduation.

Slade's senior thesis was titled "Jim Crow Slides Home: Central Florida's Race Relations through Jackie Robinson's Reception to Spring Training in DeLand and Sanford, Florida 1946." The thesis suggested that in most analyses of Robinson's spring training in Central Florida during 1946, African-American communities had been largely overlooked in terms of the arguments regarding suppression by whites.

Through his case study on Robinson, a baseball Hall of Famer, Slade aimed to analyze the broader history of race relations as they developed in Florida, arguing that African-American communities showed agency in their challenges to segregation and that Central Florida, while still exhibiting facets of Jim Crow typical of the region, was more racially progressive than the rest of the Deep South. Slade's work drew praise from professors, noting that he "distinguished himself through his methodical and earnest approach to all his essays and research papers."

Slade has been admitted to several law schools on full-tuition scholarships, including Stetson University and Louisiana State University. He will attend law school in fall 2021.