Jason Schmidt

Jason Schmidt worked in the Reading, Eye-tracking and Individual Differences Lab for three years under the supervision of Michael Eskenazi, PhD, assistant professor of psychology. Jason's research skills and acumen led to him becoming the lab's manager and a co-author on a manuscript that examined the prevalence of reading myths in the general population. For his very ambitious senior research project, Jason investigated how backward eye movements are used differently in music reading than text reading.

Jason presented this work at a regional conference in March 2021 and is currently preparing it for publication. He also assisted Sarah Garcia, PhD, assistant professor of psychology, on a pain empathy study in her clinical neuroscience lab. And, last summer, he was accepted to an NSF-funded REU program at Vanderbilt University.

Jason "truly is one of the most experienced, accomplished and qualified student researchers" that Stetson has "ever had," according to professors.

In fall 2021, Jason begins the doctoral program in cognitive psychology at the University of South Florida, where he will be working with one of the most prominent researchers in the field.