Grace Highsmith


Grace Highsmith gives Stetson a great name and reputation. She embodies the spirit of character, integrity, diligence, and ambition, as well as the application of these virtues with passion in committing to the common good. Grace possesses an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and is highly productive; she has been able to hold a full-time job while studying full-time and while at the same time maintaining a very high GPA. Invisible in the GPA numbers is her ability to perform incredibly well in online learning. Grace's intellectual caliber transcends the requirements of the classroom. Because of her exceptional intellectual ability and leadership skills, she worked as a teaching assistant, leading highly technical material on several occasions. Students reported after these classes that they really enjoyed her teaching!

Grace's imagination opens the way for her to challenge conventional thinking, and in fact, she has become increasingly interested in the combination of Economics and Psychology and how they apply to the law. Grace is currently working with Dr. de Bodisco and Dr. Thaver on nudge theory and will present her research at an international conference this summer. They anticipate that a peer-review publication will be the end result.