Faith Elizabeth Belflower

Faith Elizabeth Belflower

Studio Arts and Art History

A recipient of Dean's funding, Faith Elizabeth Belflower graduates as a major in studio arts and art history with a minor in music.

"Faith represents the best of Stetson's Studio Art program," said one faculty member. "As an artist and student, Faith is independent, motivated and unrelenting in her search for the best form for her ideas." In addition, she was recognized for bringing a joyful attitude to the studio and serving as a supportive mentor, friend and resource to her peers.

In her studio practice, Faith is devoted to experimentation and has a true artist's resourcefulness. Her senior project, "Encapsulating Vehemence," combines sculpture, painting and ceramics in a technically skilled installation. She used unconventional materials, such as pourable foam and pearlescent car pigments, to "invite viewers to share in an emotionally rich experience," said one of her professors.

Faith is applying for art residencies, post-baccalaureate study and graduate schools for ceramics and sculpture.