Daminie Appavoo

Daminie Appavoo

Mathematics and Economics (CAS)

Daminie Appavoo's maturity, diligence and eagerness to learn became evident in her first year on campus. As a result, she is graduating as a double major in economics and applied mathematics, excelling in both and obtaining one of the highest GPAs among her peers.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, Daminie participated in the prestigious Roland and Sarah George Investments Program, a student-directed investment program that allows students to manage a real portfolio made up of $5.5 million in stocks and bonds. Daminie also received a Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience grant for her work, "Mathematical Optimization Methods: Application in Project Portfolio," during the summer of 2020.

Daminie has evolved as a student in the classroom with consistent engagement and discussions with deeper questions, according to professors. She is an independent thinker who searches assiduously for unique topics for her research, once leading a colloquium on racism and reparations. She also has served as both an economics tutor and a writing fellow. 

Her senior research project focuses on measuring the costs of racism in the United States, where she used Census data to estimate hedonic housing models across several cities to determine the average effect of race on housing values. After controlling for individual characteristics (income and education) and neighborhood characteristics (crime, transportation, etc.) she found that Black’s housing values are significantly and substantially lower than other races and ethnicities. Work is underway to submit her research for conference presentation and publication.

Upon graduation, Daminie plans to pursue a master of science in financial mathematics. She also plans to pursue a doctorate in economics.