Anneli Lassa

Anneli Lassa

International Studies

While Anneli Lassa was a standout student in the classroom, her experiences abroad in Argentina and Chile truly set her apart. During an exchange program in Argentina, Anneli became increasingly aware that governmental policies aimed at reducing long-time subsidies and benefits to lower classes were causing more harm than good. In Buenos Aires, she worked on a two-month research project that involved interviewing people about those circumstances.

In Chile, Anneli worked as an international affairs specialist for Fundación Henry Dunant América Latina (FuHD/IIHD), a national nonprofit organization that contributes to the formation of competencies related to human rights.

Anneli believes her Stetson education in international relations and foreign languages enables her to access primary sources of information, which have led her to develop a more direct connection to people marginalized in Latin America. 

Anneli will pursue a master's degree in international affairs and has been accepted to both Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University.