Amy Sheffield


Amy, a student in Stetson’s Honors Program, is a member of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology and has made the Dean's list every semester. In addition to excelling in academics, Amy worked as a research assistant in Dr. Danielle Lindner’s Body Image Lab for the past two years, taking on more of an organizational/leadership role this past year. Dr. Lindner noted that she was “grateful for Amy’s presence in my lab.”

Outside of the department, Amy served as resident assistant for two years, was on the leadership team for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and led the Stetson paint crew. She has experienced great joy from each of her volunteer endeavors, including tutoring children at Boys and Girls Club, serving as a cabin leader at a summer Bible camp, working as a Life Coach for troubled youth, and bookkeeping for a new nonprofit devoted to single parents in poverty.

Amy is currently working towards PATH certification as an instructor at the Marion Therapeutic Riding Association where she works as an intern. She dreams of someday providing equine-assisted psychotherapy to troubled youth and children with mental illness. For her senior research project, Amy conducted a methodologically sound study that blended her love of volunteering and passion for advancing mental well-being by exploring the link between the two. She hopes to publish her research upon the project’s completion.

Amy is taking a gap year but plans to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in the following years.