Abigail Arient

Abigail Arient

Health Sciences

As a double major in health sciences and history, Abigail excelled academically while also performing as a talented musician, playing the trombone in the University Concert Band, Hatter Band and Pep Band. She is a well-rounded and involved student who is a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta and Alpha Epsilon Delta.

Abigail’s outstanding academic ability has been recognized through a SURE research grant and the Evans Johnson Research Grant in 2021. In addition, she was appointed as a Teaching Assistant in microbiology. Abigail was employed on campus as an IT Lab/Classroom Assistant and off-campus as a pharmacy technician.

Her future plans include taking a gap year before enrolling in a Physical Therapy program. The Health Sciences Department is proud to recognize the achievements of Abigail Arient. We wish her all the best for a bright future, and we look forward to following her academic and personal accomplishments and success.


Abigail is a co-winner of this year’s Colonel John Taylor Rhett History Manuscript Award for best History senior thesis. She is a double major in History and Health Sciences, and a member of Phi Eta Sigma (National Honor Society), Alpha Epsilon Delta (Health Pre-Professional Honor Society) and Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society). In addition, she earned a place at the National Council for Undergraduate Research National Conference in 2021 and played trombone in the University Concert Band, Hatter Band and Pep Band.

Abigail’s senior thesis, “Ritual Dance in the Caribbean: From Suppression to the Stage,” received research funding through both a 2021 Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience Grant and a 2021 History Department Evans Johnson Research Grant. Her thesis focused on the period of simultaneous suppression and encouragement that both Santeria dance in Cuba and Vodou dance in Haiti faced prior to the legalization of each through means of tourism. The periodization of each religion in their home country, highlights the similarities and differences in the historical experience of each. Abigail has always been interested in physical or occupational therapy and during her gap year, she plans to explore opportunities to pursue a career in these fields.

Additionally, she continues to work as a pharmacy technician, a job she picked up as an essential worker throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Professors have been impressed by her research and writing, “how she can analyze lots of moving parts to form them into an innovative, cohesive and sophisticated argument.”