Aamani Thulluru

Aamani Thulluru

Molecular Biology

Aamani Thulluru did an "amazing job" on her senior research project, according to professors, utilizing CRISPR gene editing technology on butterfly wing patterns. She was awarded a coveted travel award to present at the Association of Southern Biologists meeting this spring, and event that was canceled because of the pandemic.

Also, Thulluru served as a teacher’s assistant in genetics, working with students in class as well as labs. As part of weekly review sessions, she put together review packets for students. She was a standout student academically, too.

For those reasons and many others, she received the Research Award from the Biology Department.

Wrote Lynn Kee, PhD, assistant professor of biology, about Thulluru: "I started a new project in lab doing butterfly genetics using new gene editing technology (CRISPR), and she came in the summer before senior research to work with me on the technique on microinjecting butterfly eggs. In the fall, she worked on her project conducting gene editing in butterflies to investigate a gene's role in wing patterning and color. She was very motivated, coming in almost every day to either care for the butterflies, collect eggs, inject eggs, and then to conduct molecular and phenotypic analysis."