Welcome to Campus


We are currently planning for the Fall 2021 term. New information will be coming soon!

From the Classroom Experience to cleaning and risk mitigation protocols, the Welcome Back to Campus guide is for students, parents and the entire community. This guide was originally created for Fall 2020 but will be updated and reposted with any information or guidelines for Spring 2020.

Welcome Back to Campus

Well before the beginning of the Fall 2020 academic year Stetson University faculty and staff begin working together as the Safer Stetson Task Force. This group worked with the university to create the guidelines and structure used today to keep students, faculty and staff safe, while providing an environment for hybrid, face-to-face and lab teaching classes.

In two recent interviews, highlighted by an article on Stetson-Today, the co-chair of the Safer Stetson Task Force, Lynn Schoenberg, Dean of Students and the university's Associate Vice President for Facilities Management Bonita Dukes, discussed their work and the outcomes over the course of this fall semester. 

What We Learned


Keep it Clean