Off-Campus Educational Programs

An important part of Stetson’s overall educational experience is student participation in experiential learning activities (e.g., internships, externships, field experiences, practicums, clinicals) at off-campus sites. For the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters, in all cases where it is possible, these experiences should either be completed virtually or take place on campus.

Special consideration will be given to students enrolled in off-campus educational programs needed to fulfill major, minor, graduation and/or licensure requirements. For these situations, students will be allowed to participate in an off-campus program if the learning objectives of the program cannot be met through alternative means and the program cannot be postponed to a future semester.

If a student does participate in an off-campus program this fall or spring, the following requirements must be adhered to:

  • Contact the point person (see list below) for your respective program as soon as possible if you are not comfortable participating in an off-campus educational program, especially if needed for major, minor, graduation or licensure requirements. You should ask your department if there are alternative virtual or on-campus experiences to satisfy the requirement. If no alternative arrangements can be made, students should consider how this decision will impact their timeline to graduation and/or licensure. Students should meet with their faculty adviser to review and update their timeline to graduation plan.
  • Be aware of safety and health guidelines regarding COVID-19 provided by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Florida Department of Health.
  • Follow all Stetson requirements as outlined on the Polices section of the Safer Stetson site, such as wearing face coverings, physical distancing and proper hygiene practices. Students should also follow any additional safety protocols deemed necessary by their host sites. See Off-Campus Educational Programs page on Safer Stetson site for continuing guidance and updates regarding safety protocols at off-campus sites.
  • Review and sign a COVID-19 “Acknowledgement of Risk Form” before participating in an off-campus educational program. Forms should be returned to your program point person.
  • Report any safety concerns about your host site immediately by emailing the point person for your respective program and/or through the COVID-19 “Report a Concern” form.
  • Follow Stetson’s Health Response Protocol if you come into direct or indirect contact with an individual(s) at your host site that tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Participate in Stetson-sponsored free COVID-19 PCR nasal swab testing on your respective campus (DeLand or Gulfport) at regular intervals throughout the semester. If students are unable to participate in testing for any reason, including the need to get tested off-campus, they must request an exemption in advance of each testing date through the Safer Stetson site.
  • Exceptions may be granted for students to participate in off-campus educational programs that are not required for major, minor, graduation, or licensure requirements if approved by the point person for your program, director of risk management, and respective academic dean. As part of this process, an evaluation will be made regarding how much contact students will have with the campus community based on such factors as where students are living and the delivery method of their classes.

Point Person(s) Per Off-Campus Educational Program

Undergraduate For-Credit Internships * Required for Communication & Media Studies, Journalism, Aquatic & Marine Biology, Public Management and Human Resources

Non-Credit Internships for SOBA ELR

Undergraduate Education Field Experiences & Internships

Graduate Education Internships

Center for Community Engagement

Graduate Counselor Education Practicums and Internships

College of Law Externships and Clinicals

Music Education Field Experiences and Internships


COVID-19 Acknowledgement of Risk Form