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Stetson University's required Spring 2022 Gateway Testing Campus Arrival Process will take place in the Hollis Center Fieldhouse and is for ALL uncleared (unvaccinated or non-testing exempt) employees, undergraduate and graduate students, residential and commuters, taking classes face-to-face or hybrid must participate. Appointments are available Jan. 4 – 10. Links for scheduling your appointment are available below. Please select an appropriate date based on your arrival.

*All uncleared students need to complete the process BEFORE attending classes.

  • Gateway Campus Regular Arrival Appointments – Register
  • Gateway Campus Approved Early Arrival Appointments – Register

Please note, early arriving students must have confirmed approval from Residential Living and Learning prior to registering for a Gateway appointment. To apply, visit your MyStetson Housing Central account and complete the request form. Any early arrival commuters need to have supervisor approval before arriving on campus.


Remaining Fall 2021 On-Campus Testing: Any mandatory ongoing testing for the Spring Semester will be communicated to required individuals over the coming weeks. Continue to stay informed about on-campus testing opportunities by visiting the Safer Stetson website, Healthy Hatters button (see On-Campus Testing) or visit Safer Stetson's COVID-19 Testing webpage.

Fully Vaccinated?

If fully vaccinated for COVID-19, report your vaccine using Stetson’s Vaccine Report Form. Individuals who report their vaccine to Stetson, at least one week prior to their Gateway appointment, will not have to participate in Gateway Campus Arrival process. Showing proof of COVID vaccination during check in will NOT exempt you from testing.

Testing Method

Simple Life CUE Health rapid PCR nasal swab test will be required on-site for all facility, staff, undergraduate and graduate students without a Stetson record of a COVID-19 vaccination or COVID-19 testing exemption. The Cue COVID-19 test is a fast, lab-quality molecular test. Specifically, it has been authorized by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the detection of nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2. This CUE Health rapid PCR test differs in several ways, including:

  • The CUE COVID-19 test is fast, lab-quality molecular test.
  • The test is a self-administered, under the supervision of a Stetson employee, nasal swab.
  • The CUE Sample Wand will be inserted into one nostril about 1 inch or up to the marker on the wand. The Wand must be rotated in a circular motion against the nostril wall 5 times. Process needs to be repeated in second nostril.
  • Once the test if completed, the individual must sit and wait while the test is being processed, ~20 minutes for results.

Appointment Options for Uncleared Individuals

Gateway Campus Regular Arrival Appointments – Register

  • Saturday, Jan. 8 (9 a.m.-5 p.m.) – Hollis Center Rinker Fieldhouse
  • Sunday, Jan. 9 (9 a.m.-5 p.m.) – Hollis Center Rinker Fieldhouse
  • Monday, Jan. 10 (8-10 a.m.) – Hollis Center Rinker Fieldhouse

Gateway Campus Approved Early Arrival Appointments – Register

  • Tuesday, Jan. 4 (8-10 a.m.) – Hollis Center Rinker Fieldhouse
  • Wednesday, Jan. 5 (1:30-6 p.m.) – Hollis Center Rinker Fieldhouse
  • Thursday, Jan. 6 (9 a.m.-2 p.m.) – Hollis Center Rinker Fieldhouse
  • Friday, Jan. 7 (9 a.m.-2 p.m.) – Hollis Center Rinker Fieldhouse

To request an accommodation, please see the guidance below.

Accommodations Requests

If you are unable to schedule an appointment or attend the Gateway Campus Arrival Process during the days and times offered, an accommodation request should be submitted. This process provides reasonable accommodations and alternatives. Please fill out the Accommodations Request Form.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to the Screening and Testing Subgroup at [email protected].

Isolation Information

Based on Florida Department of Health and CDC guidelines, members of the Stetson community should isolate:

  • For 5 days, and if asymptomatic or their symptoms are resolving (without fever for 24 hours), followed by 5 additional days of wearing a mask when around others to minimize the risk of infecting people they encounter. (See Health Response Protocol.)

Quarantine Protocols Guidelines 

If you were exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 (exposure = within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes within 24 hours):

Below you will find two COVID-19 Student Isolation Guides tailored to support resident and commuter experiences. These guides are intended to be resources, providing information that supports you from the start of your isolation period through your clearance to your regular activities. Please know that our staff is here to provide continual support along the way.

For more information about what happens when someone is required to isolate, please consult the FAQs for the DeLand Campus on the Stetson's Safer Campus website (see Isolation category), and for the College of Law consult its FAQs.

Health Reminders

What should I do if I feel sick? See Stetson’s Health Response Protocol.

What resources are available to me if I test positive?

For DeLand, visit the resources at Healthy Hatters. For the College of Law, students, faculty and staff can visit their resources page on Safer Stetson.

Who should I notify if I receive a positive test result from a test provider other than Stetson?

Fill out the online Stetson University: COVID-19 Report a Health Concern form

What happens if someone shows symptoms of COVID and another infection (like Flu)?

COVID must be ruled out if someone shows symptoms. They will take a PCR test and isolate until results come back. According to DOH protocol, If someone tests positive for something like the flu, they should still be tested for COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For additional information about coronavirus, including signs and symptoms, transmission and risk of exposure, what to do if you are exhibiting symptoms and updates please refer to the DeLand Campus's FAQs webpage on the Stetson's Safer Campus website or visit the College of Law's FAQs webpage.

You can also view our COVID-19-related FAQ Archive.


Questions about testing should be directed to [email protected].


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