DeLand Campus FAQ

What do I do if I have sick symptoms or have had contact with someone with COVID-19 or am worried someone else does/has?

Any member of the Stetson community who has been to campus in the last 14 days and feels they may have come into direct contact with the virus causing COVID-19 or is experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever over 100.3, cough, shortness of breath, possible nausea/diarrhea, possible loss of taste/smell) should alert Stetson immediately. Fill out this online form: Stetson University: COVID-19 Report a Concern Form. During business hours, call Health Service (386-822-8150). After business hours, call Public Safety (386-822-7300). If you are concerned about someone else’s exposure, also let us know -- don't just tell them to do so. This applies to our College of Law students, faculty and staff.



Is Stetson able to assist students who don't have adequate technology, such as laptops and Wi-Fi, at home?

Stetson has several loaners available to students. These can be checked out at the helpdesk as well as the DeLand library. Spectrum is offering free internet access to students (customers in general) for those who currently do not have internet access at home. The information was shared with the students on a couple of different occasions.

Academic Calendar

Some institutions are planning to start the fall semester early in August and end the semester at the Thanksgiving holiday. Can this be considered at Stetson?

Stetson’s revised Fall 2020 Academic Calendar for the DeLand campus was recently posted online and it shows that classes begin on Thursday, Aug. 13 and final exams end Tuesday, Nov. 24 (before Thanksgiving).

Why would removing Fall Break be beneficial?

The act of traveling to and from the campus is what results in our student body having increased exposure to the virus. By potentially removing Fall Break (they have not officially decided to cut it yet), it would minimize the volume of our students traveling through airports, visiting other cities, and then traveling back to the campus after all of their outside exposure.

If the fall semester ends at Thanksgiving, do you know when the spring semester will start?

While we will discuss the spring academic calendar and possible changes to the current posted schedule, we have not started to have that conversation yet.

Other Questions

How will any new policies be approved? Is there a deadline to get any proposals to UCCAP and the Faculty Senate?

Adjusted or new academic policies will follow the typical pathway for approval as close to the published process as is possible over the summer when many faculty are not on contract. If possible, UCCAP (or an available subset of UCCAP) will shepherd the process from the point of receiving a proposed policy or policy change through recommendation to the provost. No deadline has been established.

With low-risk, 6-foot spacing, how many students will a classroom with a 40-person capacity hold?

Members of the face-to-face working group and the Safer Campus Task Force, as well as some administrators and faculty, have begun the process of measuring rooms to determine a safe capacity. We expect that specific numbers for specific classrooms will be available from the F2F group within the next couple of weeks.

Will there be social distancing maintained in the physical classrooms (namely, alternating seating)?


Will there be indicators in classrooms of the social distance required between seats to ensure the furniture has remained at the proper distance?

Signage has been made to indicate the proper placement of chairs in classrooms, and facilities will be working with the signage group to put those markers in place.

Is there a plan for seminars to be held in bigger rooms to achieve adequate social distancing?

This, too, will be addressed by the F2F working group. The fall 2020 schedule working group will also be examining the rescheduling of both class times and class locations in order to maximize the face-to-face experiences available while adhering to the social distancing protocols.

How does Stetson verify the identity of users taking exams virtually?

Stetson currently has several tools available including dual authentication to access our blackboard environment, which meets SACS accreditation requirements for identification. Additionally, our Blackboard environment has integrated plagiarism, as well as Respondus Lock Browser and Monitoring, which are the leading online exam monitoring tools. Please reach out to OOLET at 386-822-7182 for additional information.

Will students be ensured of having textbooks if the semester starts out online?

We don't anticipate that the semester will start online. Our current plans are anticipating a residential experience with face-to-face education. For students who may be unable to begin on campus or face-to-face, there are many options for ordering and receiving text books in advance of the semester start.

What happens if there is a COVID-19 positive individual in a classroom?

In line with Department of Health and CDC recommendations (including for K-12 environments), an entire classroom does not necessarily need to quarantine because someone tested positive for COVID-19. Extensive tracing would be done for a classroom environment if a participant was COVID-19 positive.

Who would need to quarantine if someone in a classroom-tested positive for COVID-19?

Through tracing, Stetson Health Service will contact individuals who were closer that 6 feet to the person testing positive. Extensive tracing would be done starting with the individual who is COVID-19 positive.


In Person or Online

When do classes start/end?

Stetson's revised Fall 2020 Academic Calendar for the DeLand campus was recently posted online and it shows that classes begin on Thursday, Aug. 13 and final exams end Tuesday, Nov. 24 (before Thanksgiving). Stetson's College of Law in Gulfport has a separate Academic Calendar.

How sure are you that students are coming back this fall and not online at home?

The State of Florida is still in phases of reopening. Our Safer Campus Task Force meets weekly to evaluate the governor's decisions/updates and is working to make decisions as quickly as possible based on it. Our expectation is in-person classes.

If classes cannot begin on campus, is there a plan for online classes for freshmen from a dorm room or from home?

If classes can’t begin on campus in a face-to-face environment, Stetson will be prepared to start classes online in August.

Will online education be an option for students who would rather do that for the fall, especially for students with high-risk medical conditions?

Any student who wishes to engage in coursework fully online will have the ability to indicate this choice through My.Stetson on the One-Stop tab.That change should be available the week of July 20.If a student wishes to reside on campus and/or attend face-to-face classes but have concerns based on high-risk medical conditions should contact Residential Living & Learning at 386-822-7201 and Accessibility Services at to make sure they discuss any necessary adjustments.

Other Questions

What happens academically if you have to self-isolate?

We will have options for you to continue your educational journey in your classes if you have to self-isolate.

How can I find out about zero-credit sessions? Is there a link?

You are able to connect to your admissions recruiter or visit the Summer Engagement Experiences website. Register today.

Is there scholarship available for Stetson’s Special Summer Sessions?

Find information on Stetson’s Special Summer Sessions. We recently sent an email about the Summer Sessions (for-credit classes) and the scholarships associated with them. Check your email. It should include all of the information.


A list of Athletics FAQs for returning student-athletes and parents is now on

Attendance/FOCUS Orientation

When will Stetson know with certainty when the check-in date for students will be as well as the start date for classes?

Stetson's revised Fall 2020 Academic Calendar was recently posted online and it provides this information. Move-In Days begin Aug. 7 for incoming students and classes begin on Thursday, Aug. 13. Check information at the link for more details.

Will FOCUS orientation be changed? If so, in what ways?

We are committed to meeting the goals of FOCUS orientation in a safe way. We are moving most of our sessions and events into a virtual format. We have already changed FOCUS groups to align with FSEM groups, significantly decreasing group size and exposure. Information also is available about orientation at the College of Law.

Will Parent College still happen?

Parent and Family college will be virtual before FOCUS begins. We are excited to connect with families in this way and feel it will significantly decrease exposure risks to our campus community.


What is being done to ensure that buildings across campus are being cleaned/disinfected sufficiently and often enough?

The university has developed cleaning protocols for all campuses, and has secured additional CDC-approved cleaning supplies and equipment. In addition to cleaning by Facilities Management, cleaning supplies will be made available for departments on campus to provide additional cleaning beyond or in addition to the protocols.

How can I get additional cleaning and sanitizing supplies for my building?

Additional cleaning and sanitizing supplies are available through the Purchasing Warehouse. If a department or individual would like to request additional cleaning and sanitizing supplies, the request should be made through the building coordinator. The building coordinator will then obtain the supplies from the Purchasing Warehouse. The department and/or individual making the request will need to provide an account number for the cleaning and sanitizing supplies to be charged to.

COVID-19 Testing

What are Stetson's basic expectations regarding Covid-19 Testing for fall return?

All students (residential and commuter) are highly encouraged to get a PCR diagnostic test for COVID-19 before arriving to campus. This test should ideally be seven to nine days but no more than 14 days before YOUR arrival date to campus. We are highly encouraging that all students get tested. If you can't get tested before coming to campus, we will have testing on campus.

Why is Stetson encouraging testing in this way?

We believe encouraging testing in this way is an integral element of our overall mitigation strategy. Asymptomatic testing is just one part of our larger plan. We fully recognize we will not catch every COVID-19 case with this method and that there are inherent flaws in that it can take some time to get results. We believe our most critical window for a successful reintegration to campus is the start to the fall semester. We are asking you to help this process by doing your part, which includes understanding your health condition before returning to campus. We have already prevented at least 10 students from coming back to campus who were COVID-19 positive because of this program (as of July 21, 2020).

Why isn't the program mandatory?

We are not considering required testing for COVID-19. Our language is that we believe all members of our community should be tested. There are members of our community who have religious rationale for not getting medical testing. Additionally, the CDC has a statement that it does not support required asymptomatic testing for college campuses for a handful of reasons, including concerns about backing up labs. We also know that some members of our community will not be able to test before they come. This is due to testing availability by region, health coverage, age, early arrival, transportation access and more.

What kinds of tests do you recommend?

Diagnostic PCR testing is recommended and the preferred most accurate testing method. Rapid Antigen testing is also diagnostic and will be accepted for these purposes.

What kinds of tests don’t count?

Antibody tests will not count for these purposes.

How will results be collected?

We will review your results at check-in/move-in/commuter tabling. Results will be viewed and tracked. You cannot submit your results in advance.

What happens if I don’t bring results?

At move-in/check-in, students who don't have test results meeting our criteria, will get a handout with next steps. We will be following up with individuals who have not provided test results. We will have testing opportunities early in the fall semester on campus. You will not be turned away from checking in, moving in or class if you don’t have your test results.

What about commuters?

The expectations are the same for commuters. There will be commuter tables during the first week of class where you can pick up your free mask and hand sanitizer. This is where you would submit your test results.

What about minors?

Students under the age of 18 can still get tested but some testing locations may choose not to test minors at all or to require a parent to physically be present. Family Health Source, which does our Stetson on-campus testing, and Stetson Health Service (symptomatic testing only) will accept a parent phone call for approval.

I cannot find a location to do asymptomatic testing in my local area. Or- I can’t get the results in time. Or- I can’t get to a testing location.

We hope as many of our students as possible can be tested before coming to campus. But we understand there are difficulties due to region of the country, transportation and timing. You can still move in and check in. No need to email. We will get you the information you need at check-in/move-in.

Will you hold testing on campus?

On July 21 and 22, over 500 members of our community were tested on campus. We will have continued testing opportunities on campus for the start of the fall semester. Dates of the next testing events will be available soon.

What will testing look like throughout the fall?

We will be testing specific population groups throughout fall as needed. We will determine who these groups will be through our detailed tracing and tracking process. We also can test symptomatic individuals right on campus at Stetson Health Service during regular operating hours.

What testing is available at Stetson Health Service?

Symptomatic (not asymptomatic) testing is available right on campus at Stetson Health Service in Griffith Hall. This is a PCR test. It is not rapid testing.

How do I find testing locations in my area?

Your local health department website should have a listing of testing locations near you. You also can call your local primary care physician (PCP) for suggestions. You need to find a location that will test without a referral for testing.

What is PCR testing for COVID-19?

PCR testing looks for the virus itself in the nose, throat or other areas in the respiratory tract to determine if there is an active infection with SARS-CoV-2. In most cases, a nose or throat swab is taken by a health care provider, and that swab is sent to a lab for testing. A positive PCR test means the person being tested has an active COVID-19 infection. It can help identify people who are contagious to others.

How much does testing cost?

This type of testing should be covered by your insurance or by state testing programs — you can call the local agencies to get more information about this. If you cannot find a local option that works with your insurance or if your state does not have a plan to cover tests for those without insurance, you can test once you are on campus with us.

What is the timeframe for testing?

The preferred timeline is to get tested seven to nine days before YOUR arrival date to campus, but not more than 14 days from that arrival date, so there is time for your results to come in. Your results should be shown at check-in/move-in. If you have access to a rapid antigen (not antibody) test, you can schedule your testing closer to your move-in date because you will get your results faster.

If I haven’t moved back in yet or am a commuter, can I participate in one of the testing events on campus and can that count for my results?

Yes, you can participate. Yes, this can count as your results.

If I was tested during the Athletic Pilot Testing program can this count for my results?

Yes, and we already have you marked as having completed.

Is Stetson using an app to help track the wellness of the community?

Wellness Checks through Everbridge

We will be using an application from Everbridge to provide an additional layer to our COVID-19 response plan to keep us informed about the overall health of our community. The app will provide us with an opportunity to send you daily “Wellness Checks” before you come to campus. Based upon your responses to the questions, the application will let you know if you have been cleared to come to campus or provide you with "next steps" if not.

Additionally, the application will serve as the platform to provide you with educational videos relating to COVID-19 and our community expectations. It will also augment our positive test reporting and contact tracing efforts. Contact tracing is a disease control measure in which health professionals will work with patients to develop a list of everyone they have been in close contact with during a certain period. Close contact is defined by the CDC as being within six feet of someone for fifteen minutes or more. The staff will then contact those people to let them know about their possible exposure so that they can take proper precautions.

The application assists with this process by giving you the means to report a positive COVID-19 test to the university. The application also uses Bluetooth-Proximity (GPS data is not utilized) to record the close contacts you have had with other members of the community also utilizing the app. This is done by sharing a random key between the parties via the Bluetooth connection. No personally identifiable information is shared between the parties. These keys will remain within the app for fourteen days. If you report that you have tested positive for COVID-19, the keys for those close contacts will be shared with health professionals so the parties may be notified of a potential exposure and provided with their recommended next steps.


Questions about how to access PCR testing or regarding dates based on your return to campus can be directed to Cathy Rinehart, RN, Stetson Health Service Coordinator, 386-822-8150,

Questions about on-campus asymptomatic testing can go to Christina Kulpa, Associate Director of Wellness and Recreation at, 386-822-7033.


Have plans for Homecoming been discussed?

We have created a subgroup called Groups and Gatherings, which is working through plans right now.

Do you anticipate being able to hold on-campus (modified) programs and events in the fall?

To ensure the highest degree of community safety during the Virtual Tier and Tier One, we encourage the use of virtual platforms as the preferred approach for all non-academic endeavors, when possible. All essential non-academic meetings or groups scheduled by students, student organizations, staff, employee meetings, faculty casual gatherings, etc. will be limited to ten or fewer individuals. All current Stetson polices regarding physical distancing, face coverings and screening requirements must be followed. Food and alcoholic beverages will be prohibited during these events. These parameters apply to DeLand and College of Law sanctioned gatherings, whether on or off-campus. Athletic team specific activity limits can be found in the COVID-19 Resocialization of Sports Plan on the Stetson Athletics COVID-19 FAQ page.

Any reservations submitted to the University Calendar with event dates prior to Tier 2 or those planned to be held in off-calendar spaces (i.e. department conference rooms, CUB communal areas, outdoors,etc.) and exceed the capacity limit of ten will need to transition to a virtual experience, significantly reduce the number of attendees, postpone or cancel. Other than for regularly-scheduled academic classes, no classroom will be approved for group reservations unless coordinated with Facilities to ensure proper cleaning before and after use. For the safety of our community, no classroom should be used as an impromptu gathering space at any time.

For purposes of tracing, we will rely on the Everbridge App. All outside groups, camps, and clinics remain canceled, postponed or should be converted to a virtual experience. This includes athletic camps and clinics, music camps, programs organized through the Office of Continuing Education and Outreach, and facility rentals.

Financial Aid/Tuition

Who should I contact if I have a financial need?

Please reach out via email to (or at the College of Law) to submit your questions or to schedule a phone appointment with one of the counselors. We look forward to working with your family.

If a student opts to wait until classes are back on campus, even if that is spring semester, will they still be eligible for their scholarships offered by the university when they decide to start?

A student’s financial aid is split evenly between fall and spring semesters. If you choose not to attend in the fall semester your spring semester aid will remain in place until you return.

Are there funds available to students who qualify under the CARES Act?

Yes, a COVID-19 Related Request for Financial Aid Review must be submitted with supporting documentation for our office to review and take into consideration. More information can be found on the CARES Act Award Information and financial planning’s COVID-19 FAQ pages.

Are there funds available to students who do not qualify for the CARES Act funds?

Yes, the Hatters Care (COVID-19) Emergency fund provides assistance for our students who do not qualify for CARES Act funds. A COVID-19 Related Request for Financial Aid Review must be submitted with supporting documentation for our office to review and take into consideration.

Is assistance available for international students?

Yes, a grant from the Jessie Ball DuPont Fund or the Hatters Care (COVID-19) Emergency funds when available. A COVID-19 Related Request for Financial Aid Review must be submitted with supporting documentation for our office to review and take into consideration.


Is it appropriate to increase tuition 5% for the 2020-21 year given the current economic environment?

Undergraduate tuition has been set for the upcoming year at $49,140.

Will the Board of Trustees reconsider their October 2019 decision on tuition in light of the economic situation in the country right now?

The Board of Trustees is in conversation about tuition and will address costs in their June meeting. Stay tuned for information about costs during the summer.

If there is distance learning will there be a reduction in the financial responsibilities of the students?

If there is distance learning, the students would not be on campus and therefore would not have housing and meal costs for the semester. Please remember that professors are still providing coursework in distance learning and thus a change to tuition may not be made.

Health and Safety

For information about face covering, please see our Face Covering Policy.

Can faculty require all students to wear a face covering at all times in their individual classroom?

Please see our Face Coverings Policy.

What should a faculty member do if a student comes to class without a face covering and refuses to comply with Stetson’s Face Covering Policy?

The faculty member should ask the student to please wear a face covering and, if the student refuses to comply, the faculty member should ask the student to leave the class. If the student refuses to do so, contact either Public Safety or Community Standards (on the DeLand campus), and Public Safety or Student Life (at the College of Law).

Will students be able to eat and/or drink in classrooms, which would require them to lower their face coverings?

The Face Covering Policy does not change the current policy that allows for food and drink in the classroom but asks that removal of the face-covering to eat or drink anywhere on campus be limited. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there may be a need for a student to eat or drink during class time. If a faculty member is uncomfortable having students remove a face covering to eat or drink, the faculty member may implement a more restrictive policy. For example, the faculty member can ask students to leave the classroom if they need to eat. Students can limit removal of face coverings to when they sip a drink and then they should put their face coverings immediately back in place.

How does Stetson define indirect and direct contact?

Stetson has defined direct and indirect contact in regards to COVID-19 based on Department of Health and CDC guidance.

  • Direct: Closer than six feet to a positive person for over 15 minutes, with or without facial covering
    • Examples: Talking to someone right next to each other without a mask; sharing a cup of coffee
    • You will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days from encounter with a positive person.
  • Indirect: More than six feet apart from a positive person for less than 15 minutes with or without facial covering.
    • Examples: Same classroom, opposite ends of room, everyone wore a facial covering
    • You will be asked to observe physical distancing and self-monitor for the development of symptoms for 14 days.

What is Stetson's overall mitigation strategy?

Our goal is to layer several measures to reduce risk of transmission without overwhelming the community with such measures. These risk-reduction efforts are most successful when done by all members of the community, and when used in combination. Our efforts to reduce risk of transmission will include some combination of: facial coverings, regular screening, testing, environmental restrictions (for example: one direction stairways), limited guests, altering the academic calendar and class schedules, limitations on group sizes and events, increased cleaning both by our facilities staff and by community members, regulating traffic in high exposure areas (Lynn Commons), a physical distancing policy, contact tracing, education and more. None of these things will work alone. We will continue to evaluate new options as they become available and are supported by research and organizations like the CDC.

What does Stetson do when someone is sick or exposed?

Please refer to our Health Response Protocol.

What is the threshold of cases on campus or in the DeLand area that would cause you to keep dorms open, but go to online learning?

We will not be setting a hard number of cases. We have learned that there are some factors that play into this decision which picking a hard number doesn’t allow for. For example: Are our cases mostly students, staff or faculty? Are the cases mostly residential students and are those students quarantining or isolating on campus? How is healthcare and testing time going locally? Are ICU beds available? What point in the semester is it? Are cases in the region and on campus going up or going down? Are our positives mostly asymptomatic from mass testing or is our population sick? What projections locally are our partners at the Department of Health giving? What are our current residential student numbers? How many isolation spaces are still available?

What happens if there is a COVID-19 positive individual in a classroom?

In line with Department of Health and CDC recommendations (including for K-12 environments), an entire classroom does not necessarily need to quarantine because someone tested positive for COVID-19. Extensive tracing would be done for a classroom environment if a participant was COVID-19 positive.

Who would need to quarantine if someone in a classroom-tested positive for COVID-19?

Through tracing, Stetson Health Service will contact individuals who were closer that 6 feet to the person testing positive. Extensive tracing would be done starting with the individual who is COVID-19 positive.

Personal Protection Equipment

Will students/faculty/staff be provided PPE or will we be responsible to bring our own if we're returning to campus?

Yes. All students, faculty and staff will be provided with, at minimum, one face covering. Additionally, all students, faculty and staff will receive one 8-oz. bottle of hand sanitizer and one ear protector. Members of the community may also provide their own additional face coverings or sanitizers to supplement what is being provided to everyone.

Will wearing masks all the time be the expected norm? Will masks be worn in classrooms?

Please see our Face Coverings Policy.

Can faculty require all students to wear a face covering at all times in their individual classroom?

Please see our Face Coverings Policy.

Are face shields being considered?

Yes. Face shields are being considered for faculty and have been ordered for the positions defined as high- and medium-risk exposure by OSHA. Currently, they have not arrived on campus.

Will Stetson provide face shields for faculty who teach courses that require students to be able to see their face, such as interpersonal communication or language classes for pronunciation?

Yes, any faculty or staff member can request a face shield by contacting their Building Coordinator. Some Building Coordinators have already picked up the Personal Protection Equipment items for their area and were given washable masks for faculty and staff. If a faculty or staff member prefers a face shield instead of a mask, then the Building Coordinator can trade the unused mask for a face shield.

Are you also requiring visitors to wear face coverings?

Visitors are required to wear masks or face coverings on all Stetson University campuses, including all indoor and outdoor spaces.

Is there a list of places on campus slated to receive plexiglass?

Locations for plexiglass are currently being determined based on safety guidelines and once the locations have been finalized, a list of the locations will be provided.


How will returning students, faculty and staff be screened for COVID-19? How often?

We are working on a plan for this now through a subgroup on Testing and Screening.

Will there be COVID-19 testing for all students, faculty and staff? How often will people be tested?

We are working on a plan for this now through a subgroup on Testing and Screening.

Will there be temperature stations?

We are working on a plan for this now through a subgroup on Testing and Screening.

Other Questions

What is Stetson's quarantine plan for students who live on campus? Off campus?

There is a plan for quarantine in place. The full plan is available on our website.

Will there be a document/agreement that the students, faculty and staff have to sign to make sure they are fully aware of and follow Stetson-specific COVID-19 guidelines?

A Guide to Returning to On-Campus Workhas been developed for faculty and staff who will be required to sign a form acknowledging that they have read it and agree to abide by it. Students will be required to watch a video about being at Stetson in a COVID-19 world. We are working on the process for tracking this completion now.

Is there a trigger point of the number of COVID-19 cases on campus that would cause Stetson to change its procedures?

Stetson will continue to follow guidance from the federal, state, and local government and health care agencies, and to monitor the progression of cases, and may modify procedures to respond to changes during the semester.

Is the school installing more hand sanitizer stations around campus?

Sanitizer for everyone! It's all over the place on our campuses.

Are there plans to make sure that students who are self-isolating are not alone on campus?

Yes, we have plans in place to serve these students, which can include delivering food safely to students, offering our Student Counseling Services via virtual delivery, and the ability to participate in virtual sessions with classmates and study groups.

Human Resources/Returning to Work

Personnel/Salary Reductions

Should staff expect any reduction in compensation/benefits? Can you provide more information on what the university is considering so we can plan accordingly?

The Budget Priorities Working Group is evaluating all possible reductions.

What happened with the March discussions of a hiring freeze? How much in budget (personnel) liabilities have we added since mid-March?

Position vacancies are currently evaluated and when possible, the hiring has been delayed.

Working Remotely

What considerations are being given to long-term remote work for those who are able to perform job duties in this manner or who may be nervous to return to work at this time?

Staff will be returning to campus over a six-phase process throughout the summer. At this point, long-term remote work is not contemplated.

Will faculty be given the opportunity to provide their preferences for either on-campus, online or hybrid teaching for fall (based on our individual physical/health concerns)?

Full-time faculty members at the College of Law were asked their preferences regarding fall semester teaching. Preference for live classes is being given for first-year and other required/strongly recommended courses and skills-based courses.

Phased-in Return to Campus

What are the parameters for the six phases of returning to work on campus? When does each start/end, and how do I know when to return to campus?

In accordance with guidelines, the phased return to work lasts through the summer, with the final phase ending in August. Questions regarding when a particular employee is anticipated to return to campus should be addressed to the employee’s supervisor, dean or associate dean, vice-president or human resources.

What is the plan for returning to work on campus if an employee is in a higher-risk group due to a medical condition, or is a primary care taker for someone in a higher-risk group? Will such employees be expected to return to the campus and when will that be?

Employees who have been instructed to return to work on campus and have concerns about doing so due to a medical condition that places them in a higher-risk group or those who wish to seek ADA Reasonable Accommodations related to the return to on-campus work, should contact the director of Human Resources for their primary campus for more information.

How are we balancing the interest of those who are care takers and may be unable to return to campus on over the summer because of their parental or care-taker responsibilities at home.

Employees who are primary caregivers to dependents currently impacted by the closure of schools, camps and childcare should work with their vice president, athletic director, dean or department head to address their situations while still maintaining university services.

Does Human Resources have an expedited process to document expanded or redefined job duties during this season? I am thinking about people who are covering for another position that is unfilled or may have temporary duties related to mitigating the virus spread.

If job responsibilities have changed significantly, supervisors should contact HR for a position review.

In February/March, Stetson instructed employees not to bring their children to campus. Will that continue?

At this time, employees are not permitted to bring their children into campus buildings.

International Students

What are the latest guidelines for international travel related to re-opening Institutions of Higher Education from the American College Health Associations?

Although not all of these guidelines are relevant to Stetson, we will be following these to help us re-open international travel and support services for all students, faculty, or staff who have been traveling internationally and are planning to re-enter the campus environment:

  • Should be encouraged or required to communicate their intentions with identified contacts at their institutions in order to receive critical relevant information well in advance of their anticipated return.
  • Must follow state, tribal, territorial and local health department recommendations and requirements.
    • At this time, this includes quarantine at home for 14 days, checking temperature twice a day, monitoring for onset of symptoms of COVID19, and maintaining contact with the appropriate health department as directed.
    • Directories of local (and tribal) health departments
    • CDC returning traveler guidelines: Considerations for Reopening Institutions of Higher Education in the COVID-19 Era/page 18 International Students, Faculty (Including Visiting Faculty), and Staff Who Are Incoming to or Present on Campus. There are many complex variables at play for our international students and colleagues planning travel in the ever-evolving global COVID-19 situation.
  • It is crucial to inform our international students and colleagues of relevant, reliable, and current travel health and safety resources and to encourage the serious consideration of current recommendations prior to travel.
  • Every international student, faculty, and staff member is in a unique situation, which warrants individually tailored recommendations.
  • All new or returning international travelers should refer to CDC returning travelers guidelines and review CDC’s "Travelers Prohibited from Entry to the U.S."
  • Existing international students, faculty, and staff currently at an IHE in the U.S. who are considering travel to their home countries should review global travel restrictions as noted by the U.S. State Department and CDC (see above and in Resources).
  • Faculty and staff contemplating travel with subsequent return to the U.S. to continue IHE studies or work must seriously consider
    • Current COVID-19 travel health risks and the possibility of significant unexpected changes in risks during their travels.
    • Potential for abrupt disruption, cancellation, or other serious complications of the planned return to the U.S. due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Rapidly changeable re-entry restrictions (including at any intermediate points in itinerary).

International travel is an evolving situation. Most IHEs in the U.S. have canceled or prohibited international travel for any university-related reasons through August 2020.

Fall study abroad programs and research-based travel are being scrutinized at an individual institutional level, and many have thus far postponed making definitive decisions.

Incoming international students, faculty, and staff are faced with a multitude of uncertainties as well, and challenges and uncertainties abound in both host and home institutions and countries. Considering the multitude of unknown factors involved with this pandemic, knowledge and resources to inform new international travel guidelines will emerge in the coming months, and ACHA will offer updates as appropriate.

My I-20 was signed before September 1, 2019. Should I request a signature?

Yes. Everyone who has an I-20 with a signature on the travel page (second page) that is older than September 1, 2019 needs to get a new signature before leaving the US. If you have already left, reach out to your DSO today.

If I leave the United States, do I have to return within the next 5 months or else my visa will expire?

As of March 23, 2020, Immigration and Customs Enforcement temporarily waived the five month limit that an international student can be away from the US for students who remain in active status in sevis and in good standing.

I am worried my Visa will expire before the Covid-19 virus has passed and the borders reopen world wide. Has USCIS and Homeland Security made any adjustments to the way that will be handled?

As of this time (April 8, 2020) there have been no changes in deadlines and expiration dates as associated with VISAs. Throughout the world wide health event the National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (Nafsa) has been pushing for accommodations appropriate to the situation as has been enacted in other countries. As time has passed and there has been movement on this issue American Immigration Lawyers have made the decision to sue USCIS and Homeland Security to force them to suspend relevant deadlines and expiration dates. We will continue to share news as it comes in. Read this article for more information.

How will I keep in compliance if I am not attending classes?

You will be attending classes, just in a different way. Do not allow yourself to fall behind. Your teachers are responsible for helping you learn how to use the learning management systems they have set up for their instruction. Be sure you understand. Ask questions using the assigned formats.

What else should I take care of before I leave the United States?

We have distributed a tracking form to help you keep your sevis record in compliance. Sevis is the U.S. Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. We use the tracking form to report your physical address and other data required by the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. As an F1 student, UCSIS must have updated records of your address throughout your study experience. Please watch your Stetson email for the form.

Do I have to fill out the tracking form if I am staying in the area?


What do I do if I switch addresses before Stetson allows us to return?

Please alert your DSO (designated school official) that you are moving and need to re-file the WORLD Evacuation Form. You will be sent a re-homing link to provide a new address. Do not use the initial evacuation form; if you do, the 2nd Address Change may be overlooked. Again, it is required that we have the correct address on your SEVIS record.

My visa is expiring soon but I have applied for OPT? Can I work OPT if it is approved on an expired visa?

Yes. The visa allows entry into the country. The 1-20 keeps your record up to date while you are here and allows USCIS to track you. As long as you do not cross an international border you can use your OPT to work. Please work with your DSO to keep your I-20 updated.

What do I do if I am witness to or I am subjected to discriminatory actions or comments?

Please share your experience with the Dean of Students, Lynn Schoenberg, at Our intent is to be very clear. There is no place at Stetson University for discriminatory behavior.

Can I come to the WORLD Center if I need help?

No. As of the third week of March 2020 Stetson University has sent all non essential employees home. That means the World Office is closed until further notice. Staff from world are all working on line from 8-430 M-F to assist you and answer your questions.

How can I get help from someone at WORLD?

You have several options. You can call the WORLD Center at 386-822-8165 during the hours of 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, or you can send any one of us an email or make an appointment at Calendly.

How can I get advising for next fall while we are effected by the school evacuation?

You can reach out to your faculty advisor, you can make an appointment with one of the WORLD Staff or Academic Advising will provide supplemental support to our Stetson community virtually. Our Academic Advising website includes helpful content and resources for faculty, current students and prospective students. For specific inquiries you can reach us directly by contacting or the Academic Success department main line (ext. 7345). Students in the Discovery Program are required to meet with their Secondary Advisor, Miguel Ortiz-Burgos, Coordinator for First-Year Advising. Discovery students were sent communication regarding their requirement to meet with our area to their Stetson email. Please contact Miguel Ortiz-Burgos at for any questions.

Can DSOs electronically send signed Forms I-20 to students instead of physically mailing the forms?

Yes, due to COVID-19, DSOs may electronically send Forms I-20 to student email addresses listed in SEVIS. In the case of a minor students, the email address may belong to their parent or legal guardian. Schools do not need to request permission from SEVP or report their plans to electronically send Forms I-20 as part of their COVID-19 procedural changes.

I want to sign up for OPT starting this summer but I am not in the US. Can I apply from my home?

No. At this time, USCIS has not changed any of the laws impacting OPT. We anticipate there may be changes as we get closer to graduation but as of now you must be in the US to apply for OPT.

Residential Living/Move-In Day

(For information pertaining to the College of Law campus in Gulfport, contact Residential Life at

When is move-in?

  • August 7-8 for new students
  • Incoming students who deposited before May 1 will be able to select their appointment time first, including the day early (which is August 7).
  • August 9 is check-in new commuter students
  • August 9-12 for continuing students

Check-in will be curbside by appointment only.

Students at the College of Law work directly with the housing office to determine a move-in date.

What is the rationale for changing the occupancy to one student per bedroom?

At Stetson, we believe deeply in the educational benefits of living on campus and have been working diligently for months to make significant adjustments to create a safer living and learning environment within the range of CDC guidance and recommendations on community-living environments. Since the pandemic began earlier this year, we have maintained your safety as our top priority. In late May and early June, we made the determination based on existing information and factors at the time that we could operate safely with shared bedrooms. A primary factor in that decision was specifically the low and declining rates of COVID19 cases in the state and local area. We maintained at that time that all plans were subject to change if conditions changed. Unfortunately with a spike in COVID cases in Florida and many other states, we feel the need to adjust our plans.

Based on a number of factors, including assessing health risks, examining local hospital bed availability, and listening to you, we have made the decision to increase the agency students have over their curriculum. Students can choose to come to campus, where they will likely have some hybrid face to face and online learning or can take all classes online this term. FOCUS orientation can be taken face to face (in small groups by FSEM) or in an online format, and we are working to prioritize courses like first year seminar to have an option for students to meet face to face where possible. We have made the decision to only have one student per bedroom in residential buildings across campus. We know that students will be spending larger amounts of time in their rooms as use that space as their primary study location due to limited face to face activities on campus, at least for the start of the term. This level of occupancy also give students needed privacy to fully participate in classes which may be online or hybrid.

What do I do in order to live on-campus this Fall?

If you want to request live on-campus, you MUST log-in to Housing Central and resubmit your housing application by the end of the day on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.
  • The housing application will include an addendum to the housing agreement.
  • The process for the occupancy reduction will require a significant reassignment of most students and a prioritization of who is able to live on-campus.
  • Our goal is to have new room assignments no later than Friday, July 31st.
  • By resubmitting the application you are indicating that you do want to live on-campus.

The move-in appointment sign-up is now available . All students must select a check-in time for their curb-side check-in in order to move-in this Fall. 

All students should get a PCR diagnostic test for COVID-19 before arriving to campus. You would need to get tested 7-9 days but no more than 14 days from YOUR arrival date to campus so there is time for your results to come in. More information is available on the policies and procedures page.

What if I have decided not to live on-campus this Fall?

  • Do not resubmit your housing application and you do not need to submit a residency exemption request either. By not resubmitting the application you are indicating that you do not want to live on-campus.

  • Your housing agreement and assignment will be cancelled on Wednesday, July 22, 2020 and your student account credited all housing charges.There are no cancellation fees.

  • Incoming students should still sign-up for a commuter student check-in time for FOCUS on the morning of August 9th. The move-in appointment sign-up is now available at LINK.

When will my final housing assignment be available?

Our goal is to have new room assignments no later than Friday, July 31st. Given the increase in academic agency to take all classes online, we are hopeful that everyone who wants to live on-campus this Fall is able to do so.

What is the timeline for this new housing procedure?

Our tentative timeline for this process is below. Please know that we will do our best to complete this process as quickly as possible.

  • Communication of the occupancy change and reassignment process.
  • RL&L staff will return all housing applications for Fall 2020-2021 back to draft mode.
  • Deadline for students needing and desiring to live on-campus to resubmit their application in Housing Central (accessed through myStetson).
  • All assignments are cancelled for students who are not living on-campus (did not resubmit an application or are on the waitlist). Credits should appear on student accounts within 48 hours.
  • RL&L staff will begin the process of reassigning most students on campus.
  • Our goal is to have all students reassigned by July 31st if possible with all residential students having new housing assignments and bills.
  • Students scheduled to arrive before 7/31/2020 will have their new assignment communicated to them prior to their arrival on-campus.

Will my room assignment change?

The process for the occupancy reduction will require a significant reassignment of most students and a prioritization of who is able to live on-campus (see FAQs). Given the increase in academic agency, we are hopeful that everyone who wants to live on-campus this Fall is able to do so. Our goal is to have new room assignments no later than Friday, July 31st.

  • Some students will remain in their current assignments if we can or reassigned to a similar location if at all possible.
    • Students with Accommodations
    • Resident Assistants
    • Students with pets
  • Most students will be relocated to a similar location if at all possible. 

Will the change to one person per bedroom be for the entire semester?

Our intention is to have one student per bedroom for the entire Fall 2020 semester.

  • If conditions significantly improve during the Fall semester and we feel we are safely able to have shared bedrooms, students in rooms that are designed as shared bedrooms may first opt to pull-in a roommate from the waitlist by choice, then with prior notice, RL&L staff will begin assigning roommates to shared bedrooms to some buildings.

  • We do hope and expect to resume close to full capacity for the Spring semester. A clear process will be established and announced by mid-October for Spring semester assignments and room change requests.

Will my room rate change?

We are endeavoring to maintain current billing rates students currently have where possible. Room rates will all stay the same since we reserve the right to assign a second person to rooms designated as shared bedroom capacity if conditions improve or circumstances require it. We expect to resume normal operation of shared bedrooms in the Spring 2021 semester. This is analogous to a student who has a roommate who leaves is not charged for that vacancy during a typical semester. 

How is it decided who gets a housing assignment?

Because we do not know if the demand to live on-campus will exceed our capacity, below is the university’s established prioritization for living on-campus and the assignment order unless otherwise noted:

  • Students currently living on-campus for the Summer session
  • International students
  • Academic programs/classes which require in-person instruction
  • Out-of-class commitments which require in-person participation for students who live more than 45 miles away (e.g. athletics, ROTC, internships)
  • Incoming students who live more than 45 miles away
  • Continuing residents who live more than 45 miles away and are under 90 credit hours
    • In priority for housing in order from lowest credit hour to highest.
    • In assignment order from highest credit hour to lowest
  • Students who resubmit their housing application after July 21st.
  • Students living within 45 miles
  • In priority for housing in order from lowest credit hour to highest
  • In assignment order from highest credit hour to lowest
If there are more students who want to live on-campus than there are rooms for, what happens?

If more than students apply than the beds we have available, a waitlist will be created for all students that we are not able to immediately house. Students will be notified within 48 hours of the application deadline if they will be on the waitlist. Any student with unique circumstances requiring that they live on-campus should indicate that information on their application and it will be reviewed by RL&L staff if the student is on the waitlist.

I live within 45 miles, but do not have transportation, what do I do if I am on the waitlist?

Any student with unique circumstances requiring that they live on-campus should indicate that information on their application and it will be reviewed by RL&L staff if the demand to live on-campus exceeds our capacity and a waitlist is established. 

How long will the waitlist be maintained, if there is one?

We do know that students will change their mind and endeavor to house as many students as possible before classes begin. We will maintain the waitlist throughout the Fall semester. As vacancies occur, we will contact students on the waitlist. If conditions significantly improve during the Fall semester and we feel we are safely able to have shared bedrooms, students may first opt to pull-in a roommate from the waitlist by choice, then with prior notice, RL&L staff will begin assigning roommates to shared bedrooms to some buildings.

Which housing facilities will be utilized?

We will make determinations about which buildings are utilized after the application re-submittal deadline and determination of demand. We do expect for all building and bathroom room types to be used (apartment and residence halls with private bathroom, suite bathrooms, and community bathrooms)

Will my meal plan change?

Students living in the apartments are normally exempt from the meal plan requirement. If a first- or second-year student is reassigned to an apartment, they will not be able to waive their meal plan. Students not remaining on-campus will need to either cancel or change their meal plan through one-stop if they so choose. 

Will Community Kitchens still be closed at the beginning of the semester?

Yes. We understand that there are some students who live in residential communities without meal plans and those students rely on the community kitchens for food preparation. Closing the community kitchens to food preparation is a recommendation from the CDC and is part of the larger multi-faceted approach to risk reduction in the community (congregate) environment. It is imperative that we have those spaces offline during the highest level of risk and are hopeful that we would be able to open those spaces up at some point during the semester. Given that, you may not want to purchase a full semester meal plan. 25 block plans, 75 block plans, and 115 block plans are available for purchase anytime and may be a great option while the community kitchens are inaccessible. For the Fall semester, the purchase price of a lower plan may be credited toward the price of a higher plan if you choose to upgrade to a higher plan during the semester. If the community kitchens are reopened during the semester, meal plans cannot be canceled, so please plan accordingly.

Will I keep the $400 credit that has been applied to my account for leaving campus early in the spring?

Yes, the housing credit is applied to your fall bill, regardless of whether you are living on or off-campus.

I have a housing accommodation, will my assignment change?

The process for the occupancy reduction will require a significant reassignment of most students and a prioritization of who is able to live on-campus. Students with accommodations will remain in their current assignments if we can or reassigned to a similar location that meets their documented accommodation needs.

Could housing close during the Fall semester?

Of course we cannot make guarantees, but in none of the possible situations do we foresee Stetson closing all housing during the fall semesters based on our experience and what we know now. One person per bedroom greatly increases our ability to maintain our residential environment regardless of what happens. Stetson did not fully close at any point during the Spring 2020 semester: we maintained residential housing, classroom availability, educational experiences and select student services throughout the Safer-at-Home, government-mandated period. Should a second Safer-at-Home mandate be ordered, we anticipate a similar approach to prioritizing students’ needs and a continuation of their education progress during that time.

If I live on-campus this fall and something happens related to the pandemic, what is the refund schedule?

Residential Living & Learning and Dining Services follows the university tuition refund schedule outlined in the bulleting for all withdrawals from the university with no adjustments for closures due to hurricane evacuations or other events. However, for Fall 2020, the refund schedule for housing and meal plans is adjusted to the following broader refund schedule for students who move out of their housing assignment due to pandemic related conditions or a closure of housing for that reason before the end of the term. 

Fall 2020 housing and meal plan refund schedule in case of closure due to COVID-19 pandemic*

  • 100% refund for week 1 (until 8/20)
  • 75% refund for weeks 2-4 (8/21-9/10)
  • 50% refund for weeks 5-7 (9/11-10/1)
  • 25% refund for weeks 8-10 (10/2-10/22)
  • 0% refund after week 10 (10/27-11/25)

*requires move-out with key turned in to RL&L by the close of business

I have a pet, will my assignment change?

The process for the occupancy reduction will require a significant reassignment of most students and a prioritization of who is able to live on-campus. Students with pets will likely remain in their current assignments if we can or reassigned to another animal friendly location.

What if I am concerned about the air quality in the residence halls?

For some years, Stetson has been installing UVGI light in the HVAC systems in the residence halls with air handlers. Working with engineers, Facilities Management is taking additional steps to reduce the transmission of airborne pathogens through supplemental devices for designated shared bedrooms in traditional residence halls. This proactive action by the university has increased the wellness of buildings and set a foundation to limit airborne transmission of pathogens.

The air quality of all buildings will be increased through the use of high-efficiency HVAC filters and changing filters on a more frequent basis. In addition, the flow of outside air will be increased to exchange the air as much as reasonably possible. All occupied spaces will maintain HVAC system operation for maximum space occupancy. This allows for maximum fresh air supply, regardless of reduced occupancy or use. 

What is the guest and visitor policy?

The guest and visitor policy follows the tiers that have been shared which allows more freedom and flexibility as the prevalence and risk of COVID-19 increases or decreases.

Tier 1: No Stetson guests or non-Stetson visitors in residence halls or apartments except move-in which will be limited to 2 people.

Tier 2: No non-Stetson visitors in residence halls or apartments. Only 1 Stetson guest in the room or apartment at any time (Face coverings required by all present.) No overnight Stetson guests.

Tier 3: Only 1 guest or visitor in a room at any time (physical distance of 3 feet if face coverings are worn by all present, or 6 feet if no face coverings are worn.) No overnight Stetson guests or overnight non-Stetson visitors. 

What if we decide to come in a day early?

Students who deposited by May 1 and met the criteria for the Decision Day Benefits Program will be able to sign up for a check-in appointment time first, which will include the early day (August 7th).

Can you explain what move-in will look like specifically for parents?

Move-in dates are Aug. 7-8 for new students and Aug. 9-12 for returning students. Check-in will be curbside by appointment time only and there will be limitations on the numbers of individuals helping students move-in. We expect there to be a screening process for anyone entering the residential buildings. Normally, parents are encouraged to participate in both Saturday (official check-in day) and Sunday, but given the circumstances parents are encouraged to minimize their time on campus and will have the ability to attend a "Parent College" and earn a "PHD" -- the Parent Hatter Diploma -- online. Beginning Sunday morning, students will attend continuous orientation sessions and begin coursework, so we suggest that parents plan accordingly -- unless they decide to vacation in the area. We are very close to Daytona Beach!

How will life in residence halls change?

Our plan for the fall is to provide on-campus housing in an adjusted environment from previous years. There will be changes in use of the facility, gathering of students for events, visitor and guest policies, and some of our community expectations are designed to manage social distancing and unwanted exposure.

Will the first 500 students to deposit still be able to select the room they would like and are we still able to select a preferred roommate?

As we have made determinations on how to more safely operate as a university this Fall amidst the current pandemic, we have come to the conclusion that our plans for fall housing assignments must be adjusted in order to increase safety and reduce risk for residents and the university community. As a result, we have made the decision to strategically assign all incoming students in order to lower risk AND enhance connection and belonging for the coming year. Unfortunately, this means that it will not be possible for you to pick your own room on campus for this Fall; however, we will be giving you a priority boost for the room selection process for your sophomore year, which has historically been very competitive for rising sophomores.

What is being done in residence halls where people share one bathroom?

Our professional facilities management personnel will be performing daily scheduled deep cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting of community restrooms each morning and additional sanitization in the afternoons and evenings. Dividers are being added between sinks where needed.

Who cleans the private or suite-style bathroom?

Students will still be responsible for maintaining a clean-living environment within their room, suite, or apartment, including the cleaning and sanitization of the bathroom. Students are responsible to provide their own cleaning supplies and toilet paper in these locations.

Are you going to offer housing specifically for students who need to quarantine?

Consistent with CDC guidance, individuals coming to Stetson from outside the United States or from cruise travel will require a 14 day isolation period and should plan to fulfill that isolation period prior to the start of classes and may do so on-campus or elsewhere in the United States. Domestic students from NY, NJ, CT,LA, Puerto Rico and U.S. Territories are not required to quarantine upon arrival into the state of Florida. 

Will students who have applied to bring pets be affected by the room selection changes?

We do not anticipate a significant impact on students with pets due to COVID-19, but please be aware that there are limited spaces each year for incoming students with pets.

Are microwaves and mini-fridges included in rooms, or should we bring our own?

Most students will bring their own mini-fridge and microwave for their room. Although every residence hall has a full-size community kitchen, we expect those to be closed for all or part of the fall semester.

Will there be any triple rooms this year?

We do not plan to have any triple rooms this Fall.

I am immunocompromised or have a higher risk of contracting a severe illness, what should I do?

If you would like to live on-campus, students who have a documented medical history of condition(s) specified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and would like to request a particular type of housing to minimize your risk, you should submit a request with documentation for a housing accommodation through Housing Central prior to July 1, 2020 if possible.

Will it be safe to live in the residence halls?

We believe deeply in the educational benefits of a residential education and are making significant adjustments to the residential environment to create a safer living and learning environment within the range of CDC guidance and recommendations on community-living environments. Although we have preventative measures in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses, Stetson University cannot guarantee that residents will not become exposed to COVID-19. There is—and has always been—an elevated risk of contracting any contagious illness simply due to the dense population in some types of residential facilities. Residing in a residential environment with other students as roommates, suitemates, or neighbors may create risk of exposure to COVID-19 by the nature of the congregate community and requires active and ongoing participation of residents to reduce risks to you and your fellow Hatters.

Do I have to move out at Thanksgiving?

Residence halls are scheduled to close at noon on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and students to depart. Students do not have to move their belongings out of the residence halls for Winter Break.

When will I know my housing assignment?

Final housing assignments are projected by July 31st. When assignments are released, you will be notified through your Stetson e-mail account.

Will there be any housing options for winter break?

We do anticipate that the option of winter break housing will continue to be available as in years past for students who need to stay through. There is a reduced rate fee for students to stay through the break. Typically, the dining commons is not open during that time.

What will move-in look like?

We expect for check-in to be by appointment only and to be a curb-side process for all students and to be over multiple days. Appointment time sign-up will be available online after July 1. There will be limitations on the number of individuals (2) helping a student move-in to the residential buildings at any one time. Parents and Families will be required to go through a screening process and encouraged to minimize the time spent in the residential buildings. We are not sure at this time if it will be possible to have a Hometeam to assist with move-in for incoming students.

I am from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Louisiana. Do I have to quarantine for 14 days because of the governor’s executive order?

No, the Governor's order regarding travel from NY, NJ, CT, (LA was removed) exempts the quarantine requirement for students traveling to a university. "This Executive Order does not apply to individuals involved in commercial activity and students traveling for the purpose of academic work, internships, sports training and any other activity or program approved by the educational institution."

Will there be any changes in amenities in the residence halls?

Community lounges and study rooms may be reduced occupancy or closed for all or part of the semester. Community Kitchens will only be available for washing dishes at the beginning of the semester. Refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves will not be available for the residents in community kitchens. Students can bring a residential microwave and/or mini-fridge to use in their own room. Some recreation equipment and games may be unavailable for shared use. Additional limitations may be made for all or part of the fall semester.

What will happen if I or my roommate has signs of COVID-19 or tests positive?

We are prepared to move on-campus students to an isolated space with their own sleeping space and bathroom as needed. This includes moving roommates/suitemates if needed. Students may have to move immediately and without assistance in order to limit exposure. They can choose to leave some of their belongings in their former spaces. In some cases the student may be able to go home, but the Florida Department of Health will provide guidance if that is possible. here is no cost to residential students for these moves. The full protocol is available on the Safer Stetson website's policies and procedures page.

I am part of a team or group that normally moves in early, is that still happening?

Many teams and groups are still making decisions and plans based on the new Fall start date. The coach or group leader will be communicating with you soon about arrival dates and timeframe. If early arrivals occur, check-in will be curbside at University Hall (644 N. Woodland Blvd) by appointment-time.

Is there a concern with the air quality in the buildings?

There are several different types of air systems in the residential buildings on campus. Stetson already has Ultraviolet (UV-C) filtration in all buildings with central air handler systems. UV-C is a short-wave ultraviolet light that is considered the most effective wavelengths for germicidal control. The buildings that have independent air systems are treated with a microbiocide during the scheduled coil cleaning process. We are reviewing ways to maximize airflow within the residence halls and making some adjustments where possible. There are some recommendations to keep air moving within the room, so you may want to bring a fan to use in your room..

Move-In Day

When is Move-In Day?

On the DeLand Campus, move-in dates are Aug. 7-8 for new students and Aug. 9-12 for returning students. Check-in will be curbside by appointment time only and there will be limitations on the numbers of individuals helping students move-in Students at the College of Law work directly with the housing office to determine a move-in date.

Will parents and families be able to help residents move in?

Our plan is to have parents involved in Move-In Day, but there will be a screening process and there are no more than two family members allowed in the building at one time. At this time there will not be a traditional Hometeam to assist with move-in for new students.

What if we decide to come in a day early?

Students who deposited by May 1 and met the criteria for the Decision Day Benefits Program will be able to sign up for a check-in appointment time first, which will include

Student Employment

What does student employment look like this semester? Is it going to be in person or online?

In an effort to promote physical distancing, most fall student employment positions will be completed in a virtual environment. For those roles that cannot be completed virtually (Hollis Center, Library, Hand Art Center, etc.), there will be position-specific protocols for safety.

How do I find a job?

We currently have more than 30 opportunities posted on HatterJobs! View our student employment website for helpful directions.

How do I know I know if the posted job is on-site or virtual?

You may contact the hiring supervisor directly to ask.

Do I have to be federal work study eligible to find a job?

No, you do not. Any student eligible to work in the United States is eligible to work in Student Employment.

How many hours a week do student employees work?

This depends on the position, although most position average 8-10 hours per week.

Can athletes be student employees?

Absolutely! Students will need to work with their coach and supervisor to create a work schedule that works for everyone.

What skills are required for a student employee?

Each position requires different skills, but all positions offer the opportunity for students to LevelUp their skill sets!

FAQ for Current Student Employees

Will the number of jobs on campus be affected by new campus protocol?

Supervisors are doing a great job of thinking through what virtual work looks like for student employees. Our goal is to maximize opportunities within current limitations.

What is the current process for I-9 and W-4 forms?

The I-9 and W-4 process for new hires has gone virtual! The new process includes Microsoft Form submission with all necessary documents and a follow-up Teams video call to validate the Identification documents. Hired students will receive direct communication regarding the process.

What if I need help filling out hiring forms or any other student employment forms?

Please reach out to with any questions you may have. Additionally, our office will be open from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., beginning Aug. 16. In good weather, the “office” will be a tent stationed outside of the HR office. In poor weather, students can come to the Student Employment Office entrance of the HR Office, located on the side of the building adjacent to the driveway and parking lot.

How will my supervisor know when I am working?

A “check in” and “check out” process is important. Students and supervisors will need to determine the best way to communicate work hours. Some may choose to create a Microsoft Team, while others may use e-mail or text.

What if the students is not comfortable (or able) to give any in-person hours for their position?

Supervisor should work with the student to identify a solution. If runs into issues email We will work with you to identify a new role, as possible.

What services is the Student Employment Office offering?

Our office is open daily 10 a.m.-2 p.m. For virtual appointments, please reach out to Additionally, our office will be open 10 a.m.-2 p.m., beginning Aug. 16. In good weather, the “office” will be a tent stationed outside of the HR office. In poor weather, students can come to the Student Employment Office entrance of the HR Office, located on the side of the building adjacent to the driveway and parking lot.

My position was approved for on-campus work. What is the safety plan?

Each position approved to work on-site has developed a detailed safety plan to make on-site work as safe as possible for student employees. Students should reach out to their supervisor for this detailed plan.

What forms do students need to complete?

Students will need to complete one or more of the following forms:

For additional general Student Employment Information, please visit our website.

Student Life and Belonging

A Place for You: Being an Engaged Hatter

Whether it is your first year or your last at Stetson, how we make connections look different during times of COVID. And we Hatters know, Hatters are adaptable and resilient. So put on your mask, grab your laptop/tablet, and bring your comfy camping chair because our Hatter Pride is still here, and it lives within each one of you.

This summer, offices across the campus have been thinking outside of the box to develop experiences and personal connections that help allow Stetson to feel like the home away from home it always has been. Even in a predominantly virtual environment, our goal is to help every student find their place & people at Stetson. Whether it be through your residential community, a club or student organization, your favorite Greek letter organization, this year will be filled with a diversity of events and experiences that will engage you in the way you desire. In small groups or virtually – Stetson is not short on options.

Campus Life & Student Success champions community, well-being, learning and success through your journey at Stetson. And to help get you started, below we have provided answers to your frequently asked questions as a way to kick start your Fall 2020 semester.

Where do I go to learn about what is happening on campus in person or virtually?

There are two main locations to learn what is happening on the DeLand Campus: Engage & the university’s Events Calendar.

Check out Engage! Engage has a tab at the top, “Events,” with a listing of all upcoming events. Try narrowing down by themes or perks to find something that interests you. Another great place to learn the happenings of campus both in person and virtually is by visiting the DeLand Campus Events Calendar. Additionally, you can search to find specific types of events, cultural credits available in any given week and even set reminders for events that go into your calendar.

I am worried I am not going to find my people at Stetson. Is there someone or a program to help?

Get one-on-one support from a staff member or peer to explore the many student organizations and involvement opportunities here at Stetson University. Register for a Leadership Engagement Coaching session at ULEAD and you will have a virtual coaching session with a student or staff member to help you find out about the many involvement opportunities and how to start your involvement in these many groups.

What is the best way to meet people who are different than me?

You’ll find that you share many things in common with Hatters from all walks of life and in return you will also see how unique we all are. Start by finding people with similar interests as you. Maybe its attending Uncouth Hour and sharing some of your recent spoken word or attending Mock Trial with other Hatters who aspire to serve in the judicial system one day. Be open minded. You can join an activity to experience something you have never done before.

When you find people who are interesting, ask them questions so they can share with you from their own perspective. Be a good listener. Be kind. Be genuinely you. These relationships regardless of how long or short can enrich our lives but can also be challenging to the ways we do things and sometimes our personal values. Which is the value of connecting with people who are different than you.

What is the Cultural Credit Program?

Hatters join Stetson University's intellectual and creative life outside the classroom by participating in at least three approved cultural events for each semester of enrollment at the university. These events may include lectures by distinguished visitors, musical performances, plays, and art shows. Hatters are required to complete 24 cultural credit programs to qualify for graduation.

Will cultural credit programs and events be offered virtually and in person this academic year? Yes, cultural credits will be offered both virtually and in person. For more information, please refer to Cultural Credit.

I’m a commuter. Are there places I can go to hang out on campus between classes?

Hatters, whether commuter or hybrid, can take advantage of the CUB (Carlton Student Union Building). The Student Lounge will remain open, with the exception of one amenity item being checked out at a time (i.e., the billiard board, air hockey, or darts will not be used simultaneously). The billiard board will be restricted to two users. We will remain to have the indoor hammocks accessible to students. But hanging out is not limited to the CUB, Hatters can also take advantage of the Hollis Center, Commuter Labs, and the Prayer and Meditation rooms. During your down time there are many things you can do to keep yourself occupied.

Use Wellness and Recreation at the Hollis Center.
  • Workout, participate in free group exercise classes (many are online) or relax in the lounge.

Schedule your Work Shifts

  • Employers on campus are flexible and help build connections
  • Practice Spiritual Wellness
  • Prayer and Meditation Rooms in Griffith Hall

Take advantage of the Carlton Union Building (CUB)

  • Indoor Hammocks
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Pool Table
  • Relaxation Room (coming in Fall 2020)
  • Collaborate with other classmates on projects

Attend Cultural Credit Events

Study Spots

  • CUB Collaboratorium (located in the Carlton Union Building 2nd floor- North wing)
  • duPont-Ball Library
  • Outside on Campus (tents have been set up for outdoor studying and socializing)

Computer Labs

  • duPont-Ball Library
    • The main floors open with limited capacity. (25 people until 8/12, and then 50 people when classes start). We will only be open until 10 pm at night. Chairs have been spread out and removed to allow for adequate distancing from both study spaces and computer spaces). The 24/7 area of the library (basement, north side) will be accessible by swipe card entry through the Nemec Courtyard, with computer access and printer/scanner available for use.
  • Sage Hall
  • Davis Hall Room 101
  • Elizabeth Hall Room 205
  • Flagler Hall Room 311
  • Lynn Business Center (Ground Floor)

What can I expect from the relationship with my RA this year?

Your RA will be a resource for you! They will be knowledgeable of opportunities happening on campus for you to take advantage of. They will work to help you feel welcome and safe in your community. Your RA will be available in both physical and virtual ways and will make you aware of when these times are. You can expect at Stetson to have deep conversations with your Resident Assistant. These conversations are designed to tackle talking about your community connections, how you are adjusting, how classes are going and even designed to be a place to provide mentoring and guidance to help you navigate the university in a way that is best for you. No matter where you are in your Stetson journey, your RA’s goal is to be there where you need them.

How can I make friends in my residence hall and physical distance?

There will be events and programs that you can take advantage inside and outside of your community while adhering to physical distancing. We encourage you to participate in the group chat for your community because this will be a great way to meet people and engage. Taking your lawn chair, hammock or blanket to spread out, outside is a great way to meet people, just make sure you are adhering to physical distancing policies.

I want to work on campus, where do I go to apply for a job on campus?

The Student Employment Program looks forward to continuing its mission of providing a best practice employment program where Hatters grow in their career and academic pursuits through mentorship and experience as they actively contribute to the university.

To promote physical distancing, most fall student employment positions will be completed in a virtual environment. For those roles that cannot be completed virtually (Hollis Center, Library, Hand Art Center, etc.), there will be position specific protocols for safety. If you are interested in applying for student employment positions, we encourage you to review openings on HatterJobs and apply to the job-specific instructions.

Most fall positions will be posted by Aug. 1. Additionally, if you plan to work in the fall and have never worked before, you will need to bring your original I-9 acceptable document(s) with you to campus (copies cannot be accepted per federal policy). This might include a passport, social security card, and/or a visa.

Current student employees should reach out to supervisors for details about their positions. If a student position is an on-site position and the student is no longer comfortable in that role, the Student Employment team will work with them to find a solution. They should e-mail

The Student Employment team is committed to supporting students. Please reach out to with any questions you may have. Additionally, our office will be open from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Monday-Friday via Microsoft Teams and in person beginning Aug. 3.

Where can I go to find resources for community service in the area?

You can view all community service opportunities through Stetson’s online volunteer management platform, Give Pulse. We are working with our local non-profit organizations to provide virtual volunteer opportunities in the Fall 2020.

Will I be able to participate in multicultural student organizations this year?

Yes! The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Multicultural Student Council will promote opportunities to sign-up for cultural clubs as well as participating in diversity and inclusion events on campus. Many different styles of events will be offered. For Example: Cultural Netflix Party. Students will have an opportunity to register and participate in virtual Movie and Chat Night to win a late-night dinner delivery and t-shirt(s). Some movies or series may include: Dear White People, Discloser, blackAF, On My Block, Hostiles, Immigration Nation or Freshman Year, etc. Check out our Instagram pages: Instagram @stetsonodi and @mscstetson, and website: Stetson Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

I am interested in participating in a faith-based group or events, what opportunities are there this year?

Stetson has several active religious student organizations that host events regularly. Learn more about organizations and events by visiting Engage. Also, whether you consider yourself religious or not, the Chaplains are great to talk to for advice and guidance.

How do I find virtual, on campus or local interfaith services (places for worship)?

Many communities are currently offering virtual services. Visit Engage for information on services offered by on-campus organizations. To learn about off-campus offerings, contact a University Chaplain or any member of the Religious and Spiritual Life staff.

Where can I pray on campus?

Stetson University has an Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room in Griffith Hall. Located just down the hall from the prayer room are two single-stall, gender neutral restrooms with wash stations. This space is available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the size of the prayer room, only one person may access the room at a time. A Stetson ID is required to access the building.

You can read more about the Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room.

Will Fraternity and Sorority recruitment occur in this Fall semester? What are the requirements for getting involved with Fraternity and Sorority Involvement?

Yes, recruitment will still be taking place this fall for fraternities and sororities. However, recruitment will be looking a little different since it will all be virtual. We will provide more information on how virtual recruitment will work closer to the recruitment dates.

To go through fraternity or sorority recruitment students will have to sign up. (For fraternity recruitment, select Stetson University IFC. For sorority recruitment click Stetson University Panhellenic).

If you have more questions, please contact Renee DuBois at

Tell me more about what Clubs and Organizations will look like.

Whether you are a new student who is looking for a club to join, or a returning student who cannot wait to reconnect with your community, student organizations are still active! These student-run groups are always a great opportunity to make friends, supplement learning and find a support network. Finding a club to join is easy through Engage. All active organizations are listed and can be searched based on your interests, ranging from culture and identity to health and wellness to service and justice. The annual Involvement Fair will take place Wednesday, Aug. 26. This showcase provides a sneak peek into many of the clubs and organizations Stetson has to offer. This year the event will be virtual, and additional details will be released soon. There are many virtual platforms as allowing both small and large groups of people to connect with their communities. It’s time to start getting creative; your members are depending on you! Questions? Reach out to members of the Student Development & Campus Vibrancy team at

What are the requirements for joining a club/organization?

Most student organizations don’t have any requirements for membership! There are some exceptions including social Greek organizations, honor societies, club sports, and some professional societies. A formal recruitment process exists for those where interested students can learn more about any requirements.

How do I find the organization that is right for me? How do I contact a student organization once I find one?

Engage is the best resource to check out all student organizations. Click on the “Organizations” tab at the top and then select a category to narrow down something that might interest you. Each organization page will have a “Join” button and “Contact” button to learn more.

How do I start a new student organization?

The opportunity to apply for a new organization opens once per semester. Email to get started! There will be an information session to cover the process, an application and a presentation.

I’d like to get involved in Student Government. How can I learn more about joining?

The Student Government Association is the representative body for each undergraduate student enrolled at Stetson University. Our goals include consistently informing and leading our constituency, as well as executing necessary changes in the Stetson Community. Join SGA to leave your mark on campus and help better the lives of Stetson students for years to come. Keep an eye out for information about elections and how to become a senate representative. For more information email us at

I see Stetson has a student-run magazine, The Reporter. How do I get involved or submit an article?

The Reporter is only one element of the Hatter Network, which is your Student Media headquarters. We are always accepting applications for those interested in being staff or regular contributors to Touchstone, WHAT Radio, and the Reporter, we are also open to outside contributions from students, staff, faculty, and administration! You can submit your work if you are interested in writing for The Reporter.

If you would like to see your own work in a future issue of The Reporter or on our website, please contact:

If you are looking to be a guest on a radio show or to have your own show, please contact:

If you would like to see your work in next year’s Touchstone or to be a part of our Ampersand feature, please contact:

For any general inquiries, email us at

I am interested in studying abroad in the future, where do I go for information?

WORLD is happy to help you find the right program for you! Feel free to email or visit our website for more information and to schedule an appointment with a Peer Advisor or a member of the WORLD staff. WORLD is also open for walk in office hours Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.

What will the Hollis Center and Wellness & Recreation have for people who want to stay active this year?

Your wellness is key, and we have many ways you can continue to meet your wellness goals both in person and virtually. We understand how important recreation and engaging in healthy behaviors are for your physical and mental health. We will continue to offer ways for you to stay active indoors and outdoors, regardless of your location, while also practicing appropriate physical distancing. During the fall semester Intramural Sports will include primarily eSports (FIFA20 for PS4 and XBOX 360) and skills-based competitions such as Arrow Tag, Kan Jam, Table Tennis and much more. Registration information can be found on IMLeagues. Students can connect with Club Sports by reaching out to the Club President and expressing interest. While in Tier 1, clubs will be focused on recruiting, teambuilding, planning and training.

How do I get involved (or stay involved) in Sport Programs (Intramural and Club Sports)?

During the fall semester Intramural Sports will include primarily eSports (FIFA20 for PS4 and XBOX 360) and skills-based competitions such as Arrow Tag, Kan Jam, Table Tennis and much more. Registration information can be found on IMLeagues. Students can connect with Club Sports by reaching out to the Club President and expressing interest. While in Tier 1, clubs will be focused on recruiting, team-building, planning and training.

How will you encourage healthy habits and personal and social responsibility?

The Wellness Educators for Life-long Learning Team are Stetson’s premier peer education group, educating students on healthy lifestyles and strong decision-making skills. Through fun, interactive, and educational programs the WELL Team shares critical information and tools that lead to a successful college experience. Follow @thewellteam on Instagram to learn more.

Wellness and Recreation

When will the Hollis Center be open?

The Hollis Center is expected to open for student and employee use on Aug. 3. In Tier 1 it will be open in the following increments throughout the day. Outdoor recreation facilities are open and available for usage during daylight hours, while following safety protocols set by the university.

  • Monday-Friday
    • 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. (face coverings required)
    • 4-9 p.m.
  • Saturdays and Sundays
    • Closed

What Hollis Center facilities will be open and available?

During Tier 1 the weight and cardio rooms will be available for 45-minute timeslots via registration utilizing our departmental app (SU W&R) to promote physical distancing. Locker rooms will be open for bathroom use only. As Stetson transitions to a hirer tiers and it is safe to do so, more Hollis Center facilities will be available, with higher space capacities, and less restrictions. Virtual Wellness and Recreation programming continues to be offered including workouts of the week, fitness incentives, group exercise classes, health huts, eSports and more. Visit the Wellness and Recreation website for more information.

Tell me more about safety protocols.

EPA-registered disinfectant wipes will be used following the manufacturer’s instruction throughout the facility. A 45-minute workout timeslot allows for 15-minute cleaning sessions on equipment and commonly used surfaces by trained staff. By limiting hours, capacity, and facilities in Tier 1 we will be able to encourage and manage university policies to provide the safest workout environment for students and employees. Face coverings will be required during the mid-day workout to protect high risk individuals and allow for more inclusive participation in indoor workouts. Face coverings are still highly recommended and encouraged during the afternoon and evening timeslots. Staff members will be required to wear face coverings during all shift times and gloves during selective high-risk activities (i.e., cleaning, any potential person contact, etc.). Community members are asked to only bring essential belongings with them to the facility (i.e., Stetson ID, wallet/purse, keys, etc.). Small day use lockers will be available for these essential items.

How do I register for a workout timeslot in the Hollis Center?

  • Download the Wellness and Recreations app, “Stetson University W&R,” and create your profile. Available for iOS and Android.
  • You can register for 45-minute workout timeslots up to 24 hours in advance through the app.
  • On the home page, select “See Full Schedule” and select your workout date/time.
  • When you arrive, say your name at the front desk and our member service attendant will mark you there.
  • Registration will be held for 10 minutes after your scheduled workout time. If you are going to miss a workout or arrive more than 10 minutes late, we encourage you to cancel your registration.

How do I get involved (or stay involved) in Sport Programs (Intramural and Club Sports)?

During the fall semester Intramural Sports will include primarily eSports (FIFA20 for PS4 and XBOX 360) and skills-based competitions such as Arrow Tag, Kan Jam, Table Tennis and much more. Registration information can be found on IMLeagues. Students can connect with Club Sports by reaching out to the Club President and expressing interest. While in Tier 1, clubs will be focused on recruiting, teambuilding, planning and training.

Will group exercise classes be offered?

Wellness and Recreation is committed to providing group instruction. In Tier 1 we will offer recorded group exercise classes on our website taught by Stetson and Non-Affiliated Instructors.

How will you encourage healthy habits and personal and social responsibility?

The Wellness Educators for Life-long Learning Team are Stetson’s premier peer education group, educating students on healthy lifestyles and strong decision-making skills. Through fun, interactive, and educational programs the WELL Team shares critical information and tools that lead to a successful college experience. Follow @thewellteam on Instagram to learn more.

I need more information.

The Wellness and Recreation Department is dedicated to providing extensive information and updates on our website. If you don’t find what you are looking for or have more specific/individualized questions please contact Director of Wellness and Recreation Colleen Vanderlip at or 386-738-6680.

How do I access the Hollis Center?

You will need to complete an electronic Wellness & Recreation Hollis Center Liability Waiver and Informed Consent Document. If you are not 18 years old, you and your parent/guardian must physically sign a paper version and email it to Once complete, your Stetson ID will be activated and you will be able to enter the Hollis Center during your pre-registered workout timeslot with your Stetson ID and a "green" self-screening result on the Everbridge app.

Additional Questions

How is Stetson planning to handle crowding in the dining hall?

We have a detailed plan for dining which will be shared with the community soon. We will be cutting down tables/chairs in Lynn Commons and not allowing dine-in options in the Hatrack (BYOB and Einstein Brothers). We will not allow anyone besides students to eat in the Lynn Commons. Everything will be served by staff who are masked and wearing gloves. We are investing in more outside seating and are considering meal periods. A plan for dining at the College of Law is being considered.

Will students be able to use the gym on campus?

We are hopeful that we can open the gyms but there will be various restrictions in place for safety.

Will indicators be placed on entrances and exits of buildings and classrooms to reduce congestion and maintain physical distancing as people move in and out?

A subgroup has worked on campus signage to provide direction around the campus, and primarily for hallways and stairwells. Classrooms have not been designated with the same in-and-out signage because the doors are not in constant use, but a faculty member can set a policy for an individual class. Class schedules have been designed to allow sufficient time for cleaning in between classes, so students should not be exiting one class while the next set of students enters the classroom. The question of maintaining safe physical distancing when entering and exiting buildings will be sent to the Safer Campus Task Force for further review.

How is the political climate near the university now given all the recent riots?

An extremely beautiful, peaceful protest was held in DeLand and we were so proud of students, faculty, staff and the residents of DeLand for how well-executed and safe the protests were for all involved.

Will parents be able to attend on-campus performances (for example, vocal and orchestra)?

The Groups and Gatherings subgroup is working on this now. We are also looking into digital options.

How do we set up a visit and campus parking?

Please call 386-822-7100. Since we have to cap our visitors due to CDC/Florida DOH regulations, we won't accept walk-ins. For College of Law visits, please contact or 877-LAW-STET.

I am participating in an off-campus internship, externship, field experience, practicum or clinical in the fall semester. Have there been any changes to those programs?

For Fall 2020, in all cases where it is possible, these experiences should either be completed virtually or take place on campus. Special consideration will be given to students enrolled in off-campus educational programs needed to fulfill major, minor, graduation, and/or licensure requirements. For these situations, students will be allowed to participate in an off-campus program if the learning objectives of the program cannot be met through alternative means and the program cannot be postponed to a future semester. If a student does participate in an off-campus program this fall, the following requirements must be adhered to:

  • Be aware of safety and health guidelines regarding COVID-19 provided by Centers for Disease Control (CDC)andFlorida Department of Health.
  • Follow all Stetson requirements as outlined in the student COVID-19 training video, such as wearing face coverings, physical distancing, and proper hygiene practices. Students should also follow any additional safety protocols deemed necessary by their host sites.  See Stetson Safer Campus webpage for continuing guidance and updates regarding safety protocols at off-campus sites.
  • Review and sign a COVID-19 Acknowledgement of Risk Form before participating in an off-campus educational program. Forms should be returned to your program point person.
  • Report any safety concerns about your host site immediately by e-mailing the “point person” for your respective program and/or through the COVID-19 “Report a Concern” form.
  • Follow Stetson’s Health Response Protocol if you come into direct or indirect contact with an individual(s) at your host site that tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Voluntarily participate in regular COVID-19 diagnostic testing when offered at either the DeLand or Gulfport campuses.
  • Students who are enrolled solely in online courses and not residing in campus communities should contact their program point person for further consideration and planning relating to their off-campus experience.
  • Contact the point person for your respective program if you are not comfortable participating in an off-campus educational program this semester, especially if, needed for major, minor, graduation, or licensure requirements. You should ask your department if there are other alternative virtual or on-campus experiences to satisfy the requirement. If no alternative arrangement can be made, students should consider how this decision will impact their timeline to graduation and/or licensure. Students should meet with their faculty advisor to review and update their timeline to graduation plan.

Point Person(s) Per Off-Campus Educational Program

Off-Campus Educational Program Point Person(s):

Undergraduate For-Credit Internships * Required for Communication & Media Studies, Journalism, Aquatic & Marine Biology, Public Management and Human Resources

Non-Credit Internships for SOBA ELR

Undergraduate Education Field Experiences & Internships

Graduate Education Internships

Center for Community Engagement

Graduate Counselor Education Practicums and Internships

College of Law Externships and Clinicals

Music Education Field Experiences and Internships

Will you be holding sorority/fraternity recruitment?

Yes. Both will be very different, utilizing virtual options and restrictions to group sizes. Our Greek Advisor has been in contact with our Greek student leaders on this.

How can I prevent infection with coronavirus?

The CDC considers the virus, as with all new versions of a virus, a serious public health threat. Nonetheless, the agency considers the immediate risk to the American public to be low at this time. There is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infection. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to this virus. However, as a reminder, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) always recommends everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, including

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

What are the symptoms of the coronavirus?

Symptoms can include a fever, cough and difficulty breathing – similar to what you may feel with influenza or a bad cold. The incubation period (how soon the symptoms appear from the time of first exposure) for these types of viruses is typically 2-14 days.

Where can I find additional information about the coronavirus?

For additional information about coronavirus, including signs and symptoms, transmission and risk of exposure, what to do if you are exhibiting symptoms and updates please refer to the Health Information page on this website.

You can also view our COVID-19-related FAQ Archive.